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So, the Dallas Cowboys Lost

It’s amazing, the Dallas Cowboys dropped only their second game of the season on Sunday night football against the New York Giants. What’s even more amazing is the way the fans are reacting on social media and beyond. Let’s get one thing straight, the Dallas Cowboys are 11-2 as are the New England Patriots. No, the Cowboys do not suck and no they do not need to bring Tony Romo back.

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Let’s rewind a moment and think about Sunday night’s game. The Cowboys were going to a very cold and snowy New Jersey and playing technically their first cold-weather game of the season. Surprise! This game became a battle of the defenses. Who would have ever thought that!

Don’t forget, the Cowboys are led by two rookies, who haven’t much looked like rookies this year. This was only the second game that the Cowboys offense really struggled. Both games were in cold weather areas. Of course, Minnesota has a dome but they also allow the doors to be open, making it feel like an outdoor game. The Giants game was just downright cold.

It’s not easy playing in cold weather. Did this affect the Cowboys offense? Probably. Will they learn from it? Of course, they will.
Now let’s get to the interesting part. Dallas fans are never happy. Dallas lost a game, only their second of the season. All throughout social media were calls for Tony Romo to get his job back. There is even a petition going around asking for fans to sign it to force Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett to start Romo over Dak.

The amusing part of all of this is: these are the same Cowboys fans who wanted to crucify Romo only a few years earlier. These fans are never happy. The Boys have clinched a playoff spot, have lost two games and still will more than likely get a first round bye and home field in the NFC.

Now, with this whole petition thing, it’s really ridiculous. One bad game and fans are screaming for Romo. News Flash! Romo is a backup quarterback now. Romo has conceded his spot in favor of Dak Prescott and has given Dak his full support. Romo is a team player.

The fans, on the other hand, cannot get over the fact that the NFL is a business. Romo’s feelings do not matter, contrary to what you think. Romo is the backup quarterback. Calling for him to replace Dak in a 3-point game is asinine.  What team in its right mind would bench a starting quarterback in a three-point game?

The answer is none. If you, as a fan, are calling for this, you are not a Cowboys fan, you are a Tony Romo fan and that’s OK. Would you, as a Dallas fan, feel the same way if Romo were not the backup quarterback? Do Mark Sanchez’s feelings matter too? Of course not. These fans are the reason why Dallas fans are the butt of every joke on social media.

It really comes down to this: Do you, as a Dallas fan, prefer winning or do you prefer to pacify Romo’s feelings?

There are 30 other teams in the NFL who would like to be in the Cowboys position. It may upset a few of the fans, but Dallas needed to lose another game. Losing to the Giants the first time lit a fire under the team and it’s a safe bet to say that it will again. It’s not good for a team to go into the playoffs on a long winning streak. Just ask the Patriots fans how that turned out for them.

Take the loss in stride, have faith in the Cowboys organization and two rookies, who aren’t playing like rookies. Don’t forget, Dak is having a better season statistically than Romo did in his MVP 2014 season.

Relax, it’s only one loss, but for Dallas fans, it really sounds and feels like it is the end of the world.

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Kim Dunning is a diehard Pittsburgh Penguins, Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Braves fan. She is also the host of a radio show "Stay Out of My Crease". When not blogging about her favorite teams or sports, she is a mom and a wife. Kim has been blogging for 8 years now and broke into the scene as the first female blogger for the Dallas Cowboys site The Landry Hat. Kim is not biased when it comes to her teams so you will always get a different perspective when reading her articles. Follow her on twitter @irish_lassie or @stayoutofcrease