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Dallas Cowboys should start Dak Prescott, bench Tony Romo

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Dear Dallas Cowboys Nation,

Okay, Dallas Cowboys fans, I’ll bite.

After witnessing the second game in rookie quarterback Dak Prescott’s future Hall of Fame, multiple Super Bowl-winning career in a 41-14 win over the Miami Dolphins,  he completed 12-of-15 passes for 199 yards and two touchdowns while rushing for another two on the ground. I’m ready to concede that I was a bit harsh in my earlier op-ed saying that he was NOT your quarterback of the future.

Based on some of the responses in which I was accused of being a hater and troll without any facts or in-depth analysis, I have to admit that I’m ready to eat my fair share of the Texas-sized portion of humble pie.

See here’s the thing. While you are all working yourselves into a proverbial lather in immediately declaring Prescott Tony Romo’s backup and eventual successor after watching his highlights on Youtube non-stop, you all got lost in your hype and reading your press clippings over my fair and valid criticism of your overreaction.

I am not a fan of Dallas, nor am I a hater, but a fan of football much like you. What was lost in the blogosphere translation is that while Prescott is putting up some pretty impressive numbers against a bunch of future Costco and Whole Foods baggers, etc. , I have to bring you kindly back down to reality with two words.


I say it again, pre-season!

While I will again state that Prescott has looked legit so far in posting two perfect passer ratings of 154.3 and 158.3, throw for 338 passing yards, rush for 41 for six total touchdowns (four passing and two rushing). But come on! This is the time of year, teams will not show their full hand, starters will barely get a few snaps, and both offensive and defensive coordinators will run basic plays.

But based on the ever annoying and over-the-top, way-too-early pre-coronation of Prescott, I’ll play devil’s advocate and embrace your newest bromance fantasy one step further and state that the Cowboys should just start Prescott and bench Tony Romo.

Now I’m sure you are all thinking that I’m trolling you, to which I am, but hear me out first.

Why would the Cowboys even THINK of benching Romo for Prescott? Because I’m appealing to your deepest and darkest wishes of course!

Let’s recap for a second as to what EXACTLY Romo has produced for the Cowboys in his illustrious, yet star-crossed decade of “excellence” in Big D?

Aside from having over 34,000 passing yards, the third-highest passer rating in NFL history behind only Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson at 97.1, 247 touchdown passes and 30 game-winning drives, Romo has had a very good career in Dallas, but not an all-time great one like Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman.

No NFC Championship Game or Super Bowl appearances; a 2-4 post-season mark; a list of recent injuries (his shoulder, collarbone twice and most recently his back); and his ahem, notable off-the-field dalliances that you once accused fellow Texas girl in pop star Jessica Simpson of “cursing” Romo for vacating in Cabo San Lucas.

Let’s not even talk about that botched snap against Seattle, because that would be too cruel. Deal?

Mainly, though, Romo is on the wrong side of 30 in the most watched quarterback spot outside of South Bend, and due to his lack of mobility when the pocket collapses, a tendency for untimely interceptions and the NFL’s shifting to more mobile quarterbacks such as Prescott, then why not!

To further make my case, imagine the scary prospect of having Prescott in the same backfield as soon-to-be stud in fellow rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott, throw in a few read-option plays, behind the NFL’s best run-blocking offensive line–hello DeMarco Murray 2.0!–in addition to throwing to the likes of Dez Bryant and the seemingly ageless Jason Witten, and Dallas may have THE most dangerous offense in the entire NFL.

Does that wet your collective appetite, Cowboy Nation?

Now, I’m sure some of you are torn at the thought of either benching or even worse trading Romo outright, but thanks to Prescott, no need to worry as in all things, out with the old and in with the new right?

Let’s face it, Romo is old, going on older, his back could be your grandparents’ a run for their money and due to the ever changing landscape of the young man’s league such as the NFL, might as well throw Prescott to the wolves, and see what he is made of.

With all of the hype, comes the threat of being a target of one’s own success, and Prescott will have to outwit the likes of some of the NFL’s best defensive backs such as Josh Norman (twice) and Joe Haden.

But hey! Based on his brilliant pre-season, it should be cake for Prescott, right?

Again, I’m not trying to knock Dallas or Cowboy Nation as a whole. For such a thin-skinned—yet sensitive—loudmouthed, arrogant and boisterous fan base that LOVES to brag about its five Super Bowls, billion-dollar playpen and being “America’s Team,” you get your proverbial panties in a bunch faster than your world-famous cheerleaders when it comes to ANY form of criticism.

I mean, I get it, you miss the glory days of old’ Jerry and Jimmy, seeing “The Triplets” destroy opposing defenses and Charles Haley sacking helpless QB’s. However, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin ain’t walking out on that AT&T turf no more. Whether or not you refuse to admit it, your team is an overrated and mediocre fraud.

To borrow from the title of Paula Cole’s hit 1990’s song, but where have all of your Cowboys gone?

These aren’t the 1990’s. It is 2016 and times are different; Dallas hasn’t won anything in 20 years, yet you still live in the past. Again, I get it, you want that next great QB, because, for all of his many “accomplishments” and records, Romo is–and has always been–overrated and Father Time always wins in the end.

At best, Romo has two more good years left in him, are you willing to bet on an unproven prospect based on two preseason games?

You ever hear the phrase of going to the dance with the girl you went with? If Romo is your Homecoming date, then Prescott is the mysterious hot little side piece that has suddenly caught you eye making you wonder if you chose the right girl.

So basically, Dallas fans are salivating over whether or not to stick with the prom date or explore their feelings for the hottie from across the way.

Right now, it seems that Dallas is at a proverbial crossroads of deciding to stick it out with a veteran QB who still has some left in him or see what a former fourth-rounder with two preseason games under his belt.

Tough choice indeed, but based on your collective overreaction over the play of Canton-bound Prescott, the choice has already been made.

I say this because you know that if—and when—Romo has a bad game, throws a costly interception or suffers another injury, there will be more drama in Dallas than who shot J.R.

The calls on Dallas-area radio stations for Prescott to start will be loud, the calls to stick with Romo would be louder and battle lines deeper than the Civil War will be drawn amongst fans. The drama of a Prescott/Romo QB controversy in Big D would be popcorn-munching Emmy-worthy and make the UFC/WWE pay-per-view heavyweight bouts look like amateur hour.

Heck, Tebowmania would look like…well…nothing!

But then again, you ARE Dallas, and like the star on your helmets, you have a self-absorbed psychological need and reason to be the center of attention.

Yes, I went T.O. And proverbially stood your star at midfield, but I think I speak for the rest of NFL Nation when I say, Romo or Prescott, we don’t care, just shut the collective you-know-what up because we all know you love to talk.

Prescott vs. Romo, honestly who cares, because as Stephen A. Smith has said–and it is true–you are an accident just waiting to go wrong.

But how bout them, Cowboys!

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