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Dallas Mavericks: Dirk Nowitizki is the last man standing

The Dallas Mavericks is where he wanted to end his career and rightfully so. But, how will it end be the bigger question?

The Mavs are not as loaded as previous seasons but Dirk doesn’t care. He just wants to go out, perform and do what’s necessary, not just for his legacy but the organization as well.

With the retirements of Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and Tim Duncan, Dirk is one of he last real stars standing. There are a few still playing but none hold the importance that Dirk does. The Mavericks are not stranded on an island so to speak, they have talent. But is it enough?

The Mavs have not been a hotbed for top flight free agents in the past and will enter the season with a few new faces but the weight will still be placed upon the shoulders of the 38-year-old veteran.

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But, despite the setbacks the team still a few weapons at their disposal besides Dirk. If Deron Williams can stay healthy and play as he did last season the Mavs have no worries from the PG position. And with newly acquired sharpshooter Seth Curry there is a reliable backup in case Williams does go down. Wesley Matthews must step up, plain and simple. His perimeter game will take pressure off Dirk if he’s able to improve on his percentage from 2015.

The paint took a hit last season when DeAndre Jordan decided to head back to the Clippers but the Mavs signed former Warrior Andrew Bogut this offseason to shore up the defensive side of the ball. With the departure of Chandler Parsons, the SF spot will be manned by former Warrior Harrison Barnes. He’s a streaky shooter but a great wing defender that has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble.

The Mavs still will go only as far as Dirk takes them but he does have help. This may be his last season and knowing Dirk he wants and expects to go out a winner. All the greats do.


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