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Dating Guidelines for couples obsessed with Social Media

The internet has become the new age bar, library, restaurant or any other place one might normally meet a member of the opposite/same sex. It easy to sit at work, log on to the hundreds of dating sites, scroll thru a profile and send a message, wink or whatever. Now, sites like Tinder and Match have competition, Facebook.

Facebook is Never-Never Land, where no one ages and stories are told but to think you can’t meet someone there is hogwash. There are thousands of groups for any interest that you may have– sports, reading, bikes, shopping and so forth, but there is interaction with the other members that could get your juices flowing.

Most people on Social Media either start with people they know as their friends, family or coworkers but as you maneuver in the groups you start conversations that seem innocent at first than those public conversations become private chats, and that’s how a connection is born. I know people who have connected off social media. It’s the same as meeting a person in public place face-to-face– some relationships don’t work while some have made it to the altar as a result. Social Media is like anything else, you meet a person, get to know them, then decide how far you are willing to go.

Here are some dating guidelines for Social Media relationships.


Communicate: Quite possibly the person you have started a relationship with lives in another state or possible another country meaning there has to be plenty of communicating. But this is where Facebook is king of all dating sites. IT’S FREE. Leave a message on their wall whenever you can– it takes a few seconds to do so. Send them a private message, also free. Now Facebook has a free phone and video calling, so there is never a reason to miss a moment, especially if the distance is keeping you apart.

Be Truthful: Facebook should be called Liebook for the endless amounts of big money spending, family bonding or whatever the lie of the day may be. If you meet that special person and begin to grow closer and they ask a question, TELL THE DAMN TRUTH. There may come a point where it’s time to meet finally, and he/she may request that question again, and you forgot your answer and that person might hit you with the screenshot from hell.

Make Plans To Meet: For some that may be hard to do. You may meet a person that lives in China and you’re in America, money may be tight but try to find a way to meet. Now, if you like the internet dating scene and wish never to meet then make that known from the beginning. If you’re both in the same country than take a bus, plane or whatever you can afford and get that initial meeting out the way.

Be Careful: There are some crazy people out there in this world. Don’t be afraid to be a profile stalker. What they will not tell you, their profile will. Check the pictures, the stats, and comments; they will tell you plenty about the person you have talked with for some time now.

Make it known: If not there could be issues. For the fellas especially, if you have a new woman who you found on Facebook, no matter what she says CHANGE THAT STATUS, she will play coy but then post some slick stuff either under one of your post of putting you on blast on her page. If she is yours, then let the social media know.


Ignore Them: I’m not pulling a Steve Harvey and giving away secrets, but when they send you a message, please answer back because if you don’t all kinds of notifications will hit you at once. Your friends will message you asking why did that insane person put you on blast like that. Remember, in some cases; this is a long distance relationship so if they are trying to reach you, please be kind and respond.

Post any Subliminal Messages: This goes for any relationship. If you are going through something personal KEEP IT BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU, do not post anything on your page with any crazy memes, tweet, instapick, or anything remotely referring to what you are going through. If that person responds, you best believe your business will be all over cyberspace.

Get Jealous over everything: Put the phone down. Listen, most people do Facebook Live when they are either drink or f***** up, either way, it will not be a good look for you, here’s why. Facebook Live is a silent invitation for whoever is around you to act a fool. If you’re in a club and some guy sees you go live, guess what, he is now going Live with you and guess who is watching you on the other end? If someone comments on their page, chill the hell out. They had Facebook friends before you came along, so relax.

Screenshot an argument: Seriously, what is discussed between the two of you stays between the two of you. Do not have him/her sign on the next day and see 20 screenshots of an argument you had last night.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was my list of dating guideline for social media relationships. Just know that they are like any other, you must put in the work, or it will fail. Don’t let anyone put you down if you tell them you met your boyfriend/girlfriend on line– secretly they want the same.

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Mark Wilson
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