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Dating & Relationships: How far are cheaters willing to go?

This week’s Dating & Relationships column will focus on cheaters.

Once a cheater, always a cheater is the phrase used too many times. Maybe it’s true, maybe they have it all wrong. What do you do when you develop feelings for someone else’s partner?

Does the situation matter? Maybe you were there listening as they poured their heart out to you over what their partner did or didn’t do. Maybe you met them in a bar or somewhere and they just forgot to tell you that they were in a committed relationship. Or, hell, you knew and just didn’t care. Is it cool to pursue?

That’s a tough one. Before you start calling me names, hear me out.

It all starts with attraction. You see first, then act. How are you to know they are in a relationship if you never speak or inquire? The wedding ring thing is not even real anymore due to people wearing them to scare off unwanted admirers.

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But, there comes a time where the truth comes out and you are hit with a situation. Do you stay or go? I’m pretty sure most of us has been in this situation or know someone that has. You think everything is good, then you find out they have a partner. But, the conversation and chemistry are there and the sex, OMG!!! Now, what do you do?

Can you just stop like that, forgetting everything you been through or do you continue on, ignoring the reality of the situation and the consequences that may come with both of your actions? See, what you must be aware of is the “they are your’s now” dilemma. If you willingly pursue someone that’s in a relationship and they get busted, then what? What if their partner throws them out the house? Are you willing to pick up the pieces and take them on as your own? Are you willing to physically fight for that person? See, what was fun has now become serious. So, you must ask yourself “how far are you willing to go”?

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Mark Wilson
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