Dating & Sex: Is Sex on the First Date still frowned upon for women?

In this week of the Inscriber’s Dating & Sex Chronicles. We take a look at Sex on the First Date.

Remember when you were called fast, a whore or slut for sleeping with a man on the first date? And men, you were considered the man, given high-fives and pats on the back when you accomplished that mission?

Is that such a bad thing today?

Times have changed and so have people. I never saw anything wrong with having sex on the first date, but I’m a man so take that with a grain of salt. But what’s really the issue here?

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Are some women jealous of other women because they went after what they want? Were they mad because they felt like they were giving other women a bad name?

Who cares. Here are few answers from people when asked if sex on the first date is appropriate:

Woman: Yesssssssss, I don’t see why not! We grown

Man: Doesn’t matter long as the connection is poppin

Woman: Unapologetically Yes!! If the energy is right it’s a Go!!

Man: Hell yes. You want it, I want it. What’s the problem? You can call me a whore afterwards. I’m cool with

Woman: Energy, chemistry has to be there.

Woman: Hell naw!

We were put on this earth to reproduce and when that throbbing starts, it needs to be put out by any means necessary.

Some may argue that it’s safer and wiser to pull out a gadget or head to the bathroom. While that’s all good and well, there’s nothing like that physical contact with the opposite sex.

Why do men and women get dressed up just to go to the store, church or anywhere in public? Truth be told, we’re always on the prowl. Doesn’t matter if there is a significant other at home. Humans love to be complimented, Especially women.

Take a single woman getting ready to go out with her friends. There’s always one in the group that has the intentions of having a one night stand. She may not let her friends know her plan but she’s on the hunt. Maybe it’s been a while for her sexually, or she’s frustrated with what she’s getting at home. Tonight, she’s on a mission.

She’s not looking for any man, but that one that arouses her inner freak. It may be a good conversation that sparks the urge, but whatever it is, she wants it and will get it that night.

She is not a whore, slut or setting women back to the stone ages. She’s a woman who knows what she wants and if it happens to be meaningless sex, then who are you to throw stones at her? Sex is sex, no matter how you slice it. First date, second or 15th. Does it really matter? As women have said. “If the chemistry is right”. I have no issues with that.

That craving and lust are strong to resist. If you want it, go for it.

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Mark Wilson
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