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David Cameron out, Who is in to replace him?

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It seems like David Cameron’s tenure as the British Prime Minister will be coming to an end. He announced today that as of Wednesday he will resign as being Britain’s Prime Minister. The person who is replacing Cameron is Theresa May, a leader of the Conservative Party since July 2016.

It will not be an easy start for Theresa May when she does take over on Wednesday. She is being thrown into the fire as she will try to help the United Kingdom figure out what the plan of action will be in the post- Brexit vote that happened. Also, Theresa May ended up being chosen as the successor to the position because she was unopposed. It was also announced that she will be confirmed by a panel on Wednesday. What is interesting to see is how Brexit ends up playing out because she was a supporter to stay in the European Union.

In a nation that has had a lot of man leaders, this will be the second time in the long history of Great Britain who will be a woman leader. The first time that a woman was the Prime Minister of Great Britain, you need to look at 1979 when Margret Thatcher was voted as the Prime Minister.

After the historical vote came down in June, David Cameron announced in front of the people of Britain and to the world that he was going to resign as he felt that Britain should have new leadership. He said he was going to stay on until there was a new Prime Minister in place, as he didn’t want the UK not to have some sort of leadership.

I have read accounts of people who live in Britain and I have spoken to people from England and the constant thing I hear is how they do not like David Cameron. On John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver , he has poked at the whole Brexit fiasco that has caused a lot of problems in Great Britain. It will be interesting to see if Theresa May can do a better job and take the UK back to being a prominent country.

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