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Deflategate: it’s not over

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It seems that the biggest soap opera in football is not over yet. On Friday afternoon, it was announced through various sources that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will accept his four-game suspension for his actions in Deflategate that has rocked the NFL world for the last several months. 

However, it seems that it will not conclude as people expected when the news broke on Friday afternoon. Zack Cox of NESN was one of the first ones to report that Tom Brady has granted the NFL Player’s Association permission to continue the appeal process on his behalf. Although it was assumed in the sports world that once Tom Brady announced he would accept the four-game suspension this saga would come to an end.

This announcement took the sports world by storm. One reason is that what would this solve after you come out and say you will accept the punishment. Mike Florio of NBC Sports wrote about this in his guest column on Monday Morning Quarterback in which he provided more information on the situation.

He said, “ The reality is that Brady has (per a source with knowledge of the situation) authorized the NFLPA to proceed with the appeal on his behalf,” Florio wrote Monday in a guest column for The MMQB. “It won’t keep him from missing the first four games of the season, but it could ultimately restore his lost pay off more than $253,000, reduce (NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s) power in player disciplinary cases, and provide Brady with genuine vindication.”

One thing that seems to not being brought up is, did Tom Brady have this in his mind prior to announcing that he accepted his punishment. Tom Brady is scheduled to return to the New England Patriots in Week 5 as they play the Cleveland Browns.

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