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Denver Broncos: 3 observation from win over Texans

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When the Denver Broncos faced off against the Houston Texans to close out the week seven slate, there was not just one thing on their minds. Now, don’t get me wrong, there was a revenge factor. However, there was something a little heavier on their minds; snapping a two-game losing streak. They did just that, and in true Broncos fashion. Here are three observations from the victory over the Texans.

Trevor Siemian needs Gary Kubiak

Gary Kubiak can often put together a great game plan. It should that his coaching talents were needed in the loss to the San Diego Chargers. In the game Monday night, Kubiak was on point. After a shaky first couple of drives, the Denver offense found its way and began to virtually steamroll one of the best defenses in the NFL. I am not sure that the presence of JJ Watt would have helped the Texans last night. Once Kubiak got into a rhythm, Siemian did too. He feeds off the tremendous play calling abilities of Kubiak. If Kubiak gets a feel for the game early he can settle his QB and offense into the game and the magic begins.

Devonte Booker needs more carries

Right now you are seeing a 50/50 split between CJ Anderson and Devonte Booker. I believe that the Broncos need to utilize the rookie a little bit more. Devonte Booker is a strong runner. He hit the hole with a great amount of speed.

Seeing the way he hit the hole on Monday night was amazing. He also knows how to run behind his pads. He is true to the word “downhill” runner. He stays low and is not afraid of contact. Gary Kubiak has recently said that he would like to get Booker more carries. After Monday night I see why.

Why did Denver cut Britton Colquitt

I think right now the Denver Broncos and their special teams are the team’s worst unit. Especially the punt team. Rookie punter Riley Dixon is ranked 16th in the league in average with a 46 yards/punt. On a couple of punts last night you could hear a collective gasp from the crowd because of the shortness. I know it is not all about yardage but in certain situations it is.

The former Colquitt is 11th in the league. If Colquitt was still in Denver he would be ranked in the upper tier of punters simply because he booms the ball in Denver. I believe that the Broncos made a mistake with this cost saving measure. Special teams can often be the difference in the ball. Even with the punt team. Denver should have kept Colquitt and the unit intact.

The Denver Broncos are still sitting in a very nice position after seven weeks. They need to continue to have rhythm on the offense. I would be willing to think that the Broncos are better off now than they were sitting at 4-0.

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