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Denver Broncos: 3 questions against the Rams

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Week 3 of the preseason is upon us. This is a time in which teams are getting their starters prepped for week one of the regular season. Many of the starters play at least a half and maybe a little more. The Denver Broncos are using week 3 to answer some questions. Here are three questions that they are looking to have answered during their game Saturday night against the Los Angeles Rams.

Is Trevor Siemian the winner?

Siemian was named the starter for the week three game on Monday. It is a big step in his advantage towards winning the much-heralded quarterback competition. If he can play well, avoid the crippling mistake, and show poise and leadership the job should become his. If he is shaky then either rookie QB Paxton Lynch or veteran Mark Sanchez may be able to take the reigns still. The Denver Broncos are hoping that the final answer will be made during this game.

Is CJ Anderson in trouble?

CJ Anderson was signed to big money contract in the off-season. The Broncos then proceeded to draft RB Devontae Booker out the University of Utah. Booker has come on adamant during camp. He has earned playing time opposite CJ Anderson. With the slow starting history of CJ Anderson, does this give Booker an opening to steal the job? Booker was well on his way to being one of the best running back in the country before sidelined by an injury. He may be well on his way to becoming one of the best running backs for the Denver Broncos.

How is the defensive depth?

We know that in 2015 the Denver Broncos had one of the best defenses in the history of the NFL. While having that defense the Broncos had a lot of depth that they could rely on. With players like Shane Ray and Shaq Barrett coming off the bench allowed the Broncos Defensive Coordinator Wade Philips to be aggressive. A lot of that depth now has to become starters. The loss of LB Danny Trevathan, DL Malik Jackson, and S David Bruton is going to make things interesting in Denver. The depth of the Broncos will surely be tested in 2016. Can it hold out for 16 games? This game should give the Denver Broncos some answers.

Although the Denver Broncos are the defending champions, repeating could become a challenge. Watch this week three game very closely to see how well the Broncos look. Are they in midseason stride or are they struggling and playing ugly. The dress rehearsal will give us answers.

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