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Denver Broncos: 3 things we learned against the Buccaneers

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When the Denver Broncos battled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 4, there was plenty at stake. The Broncos were riding a three-game win streak to start the season. The Bucs had played one solid game all season and were looking to get on track. Not if the Broncos defense could help it. Here are three takeaways from the Broncos victory on Sunday.

Denver Broncos are coached very well

This is not just a cliché. This is the truth. The reason that the Broncos are playing at the top of their game is not just the talented roster. It has to do with the great coaching staff that head coach Gary Kubiak has put together. These players are always in a position to make plays. That is a testament to the tremendous coaching that has gone in Denver. It is sort of like the New England Patriot syndrome. Get the decent players and the coaching will take care of the rest. Now I am not saying that Denver does not have it’s stars. It most certainly does; Von Miller, Demaryius Thomas, Aqib Talib, and others. However, there are younger, emerging stars playing at a high level too. If this keeps up, the Denver Broncos will stay perennial contenders for years to come.

No respect for the Buccaneers

When Denver Broncos starting QB Trevor Siemian went down with an injury late in the second quarter, the Broncos turned to the rookie backup Paxton Lynch. Lynch would end up closing out the first half. As the two teams started the second half, there were reports from the Denver sideline that starter, Trevor Siemian could have come back but that Denver felt comfortable with Lynch finishing the game. Was it comfort or disrespect for a struggling Bucs defense? No matter the reason, Lynch finished the game and looked excellent in doing so. He even looked better than a full four quartered Jameis Winston. Lynch finished the game throwing 14/24, 170 yards and 1 TD in just a little over a half of football. Winston was 17/35 for 179 yards, 0 TDs, and 2 INTs.

Denver Broncos could do what they wanted

The Broncos controlled the ball so much that they could do what they wanted. They could run, pass, play pass and even run a reverse on a punt return. It was truly their day. The Denver Broncos are playing with tons of confidence right now, and it shows. They need to maintain that trust going into some their upcoming games. The Bucs had absolutely no answer for anything the Broncos wanted to do. It was all Denver on this day.

The Denver Broncos have all cylinders working right now. They need to keep oiling the parts because they have a tough opponent in week 5. The Atlanta Falcons bring the league’s #1 ranked offense to Denver. This will be sure to test the best defense in the league.

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