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Denver Broncos: Observations against San Diego Chargers

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There was a lot riding on the week eight tilt for the Denver Broncos as the division foe San Diego Chargers came to town. Not only was it a revenge game for the loss suffered two weeks ago they were also trying to keep pace with the Oakland Raiders, who they face in week 9. The Broncos would not be at their best on Sunday, but they would come away with a win. Here are three observation from the victory.

Denver needs to help the offensive tackles

The Denver Broncos offensive tackles are very susceptible to speed rushers. They found this out first hand when they faced the Atlanta Falcons. There was nothing different yesterday. Anytime that Joey Bosa or Chargers linebackers wanted to get to the outside with speed they could.  I do agree that the addition of these two tackles has made the Broncos line better. However, when it comes to protection against speed, they are a weakness. Denver is going to need to keep a TE or RB in to help against the Oakland Raiders speed rushers or else Trevor Siemian could see a lot of grass.

Broncos take advantage of turnovers

The Denver Broncos offense must be very grateful to have such a tremendous defense to play with. There are many times in which they do not have to travel long distances to score. They often can take advantage of short fields to get quick scores. They did this a couple of times on Sunday. Not only did their defense score but they set up the offense with a short field. If the Broncos defense can continue to do this, they will be able to sustain leads. There are times where the inexperience and youth show up on the offense in long drive situations. The defense can prevent These situations.

Denver needs a backup running back

I am not so sure that the tandem of Kapri Bibbs and Jawon Thompson is going to cut it in the Denver Broncos backfield. We all know that Devontae Booker is very capable of carrying the load. The key will be when he needs to come off the field. The Bronco were not able to get many yards on the ground when the other two backs were in the game. They should explore adding a free agent back in the mix. One who not only can contribute on the ground but in the air as well?

The Denver Broncos are tied for the lead in AFC West. Even though they did not play their best football on offense yesterday, their exceptional defensive play kept them in the game. They are going to need that play all season from their defense. The offense is not always going to click, but with that defense, it may not have to.

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