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Denver Broncos: Why John Elway needs to call Los Angeles Chargers regarding Philip Rivers trade

Two teams in the AFC West are both missing pieces to their puzzle and only one man can get both teams to the completion stage–Philip Rivers. The Los Angeles Chargers are straddling the fence between good and mediocre and in doing so, they may be wasting away Rivers prime years. At 35, Rivers is not getting any younger and it’s only a matter of time before Father Time decides to show his face. Then you have the Denver Broncos. A Super Bowl participant in 2015 with the services of Peyton Manning but John Elway watched as his star retired and the Broncos haven’t looked the same.

But that all can change with one phone call.

The Chargers must decide if they can count on Rivers or even if they want too. Rivers has never been injured and he has given everything he can to the Chargers but still. Neither the Chargers or Rivers has anything to show for it. Rivers is still an elite Quarterback and has possibly another 2-3 years of good play left in him but the Chargers are too injury prone. Rivers has not declined as quickly as others but his stats are hitting a questionable mark. His interceptions have hovered around the 15-20 mark each of the past few years and that has a lot to do with his lack of skilled players.

The receiving core has been gutted by either injuries or free agency and now with top pick Mike Williams possibly out for the year– Rivers is back to throwing to a who’s who of players.

The Broncos have two Quarterbacks on their roster who has no clue of what they’re doing on most Sundays. Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch are not the ones who will lead the Broncos back to the Super Bowl. Elway has to make the same bold move that he made with Manning. The core of the Broncos is one built on veterans and this is why Rivers would be a perfect fit.

The Broncos run game is not as weak as some make it out to be it’s just that with no real threat behind center defenses can stack the line. With Rivers as the Broncos starter, players such as Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders can return to the players who helped Manning break records in 2013. Rivers has the tools but they are being wasted in Los Angeles. I’m not saying the Chargers are on the level of the Cleveland Browns but how long until all the pieces start to come together? It has to be hard on Rivers and the fans to enter a season or get through half and see one of Rivers top targets go down with yet another injury.

If a deal can be made this will benefit both teams. The Chargers can get Siemian and hope he can show some improvement while also getting a few draft picks in the process. The Chargers are young and they can find a future franchise QB next year.

The Broncos will take a risk on Rivers but they can look back at Elway’s track record and see what Manning did and pray that Rivers can provide the same boost. The defense is stacked, the offense is still good– it’s just the QB situation holding them back. With one phone call– all can be changed. It’s just up to Elway.


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