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Designated Survivor season 1, episode 1 live stream: Watch online

ABC has upped the ante with the Keifer Sutherland starred, Designated Survivor. The show centers around Tom Kirkman, a lower-level White House cabinet member who is appointed the “DS” title. The Designated Survivor is a person who has sequestered away from the U.S. Capitol Building during a President’s State of the Union address in case an awful event happens where the important government officials are killed.

As we saw in the previews (on one of the best cinematic scenes we saw in a while), Washington is hit and down goes everyone forcing Kirkman, who was just fired that morning to become the new President of the United States. We get the notion that it’s not a great decision by the comments of other characters, making way for possible back-stabbing, side deals, threats and best of all, some action.

The outline of Designated Survivor has legs, as far as drama goes you can feel the tension in the White House as what will look like a coup against Kirkman will take place, drawing a line in the sand for sides to be taken.

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ABC is entering the big leagues now with a drama that will try to cut off the rating of NBC’s Chicago PD and CBS’ Code Black. With Sutherland and Maggie Q at the helm, the potential to succeed is there but viewers at the time slot will be searching for a little action after dealing with dialogue shows starting at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday nights. Can they pull it off?

ABC is well on their way to a monopoly of great TV shows and the premiere of Designated Survivor will surely leave us wanting more. Until next week.

And here’s how to watch Designated Survivor live.

Date: Wednesday, September 21

Start Time: 10 p.m. (E.T)

Episode: Pilot

TV Channel: ABC

Live Stream: Stream 1

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