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Did Iron Fist have the best Marvel storyline on Netflix?

Nowadays, TV shows are so watered down that every time you turn a channel you see the same storylines, mirrored characters and recycled jokes. We still watch because that’s what we’re programmed to do, we love to be entertained. Some shows are there to make you laugh, cry, smile or whatever but in the end, they’re there to serve a purpose. Well, Marvel and Netflix has done it again with their latest installment in The Defenders series. Iron Fist.

Netflix first jumped into the comic world with Daredevil and since released another season, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and now Iron Fist. While critics have fallen in love with the Marvel/Netflix other series they shot down Iron Fist giving it awful reviews. Why?

The sad truth, however, is that Iron Fist is the weakest of Marvel’s Netflix series to date. As far as diversity, representation, and appropriation go, the series fails in a number of ways. But, over the course of its first six episodes, it also manages to fall short on basic levels like storytelling. Its creative laziness bankrupts the entire show. Marvel’s new series is a disappointing case study in studios needing to try harder to tell difficult stories well.

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It was dragged through the mud for its bad action sequences, acting, and a horrible storyline. After watching the show this weekend I totally disagree with their stance. The action scenes rivaled those of DD’s and the acting was far better than that of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. And as far as the storyline goes, Iron Fist may have been the deepest and heartwarming of the Marvel/Netflix series.

Danny Rand (Iron Fist) comes back to New York after being presumed dead for 15 years. He inherited 51 percent of the company his father started, falls in love and fights. But, where Jones and Cage fell short in their respective stories was the backstory. Cage gave up a few glimpse of his past life and Jones was more of a few scenes here and there. As much as ee loved the shows we never got connected with their character the way did Rand and DD.

Daredevil was more of us rooting for the little guy, Matt Murdock as he took on all challengers in Hell’s Kitchen but his story lacked a little depth as he tried his best to push his friends away from his secret. Rand, on the other hand, accepted his position and done everything possible to defend his friends. Similar stories but very different in the approach.

Cage was loved in the African-American community as a black superhero that could deflect bullets but the action in the show was not top of the line. The Villains were not believable and the big mystery of his half-brother as the main adversary came off as weak. Jones was by far the weakest of the bunch but we did get to meet Cage thanks to her.

All in all, I would have to give the nod to Iron Fist as the best story. Comic fans may have felt that an Asian character should have been the lead but Finn Jones did a wonderful job as Rand. There was no white privilege here. I didn’t hear any complaints about Tony Stark when he took over his father’s company or the Black Panther when he took over his. Keep race out of it and focus on what Marvell/Netflix has done and how they have changed the way we view TV shows.

3/4 is not bad. Jones didn’t get it done for me and maybe I missed some things along the way and will go back to rewatch and make sure. I love DD and the reason that may still stand out as the best to many is because we’ve had two seasons to digest his character. Iron Fist was mainly alone in his first with the Hand as DD received help from Elektra and The Punisher.

You can bash the show for whatever reason but pay close attention as you watch Rand fight for his honor and those around him. Watch as he tries to atone for the mistakes he has made in the past for leaving K’un-Lun and really look as we get our first real shot at a hero in love between him and Colleen.

Nothing was wrong with this storyline is was the best that we’ve seen thus far. Can’t wait for The Defenders.

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