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Doctor Strange: New TV spot hints at Infinity Stone

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The latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe or as many people know it as, the MCU, will be hitting theaters on November 4th, 2016. The film, Doctor Strange, will star Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, a surgeon turned sorcerer following a terrible car accident.

The film is set to be Marvel’s most daring outing yet. It features a character that not too many fans are familiar with. Plus it is set to be weird. Very, very weird. The visual effects of the films are expected to be mind bending. Some may call them trippy. Or my word of choice, strange (pun totally intended).

The main reason for these Inception-like visual effects is the role of magic in the film. Doctor Strange is going to learn the mystic arts, and in the process, it appears he will be gifted the Eye of Agamotto, which can be described to the casual fans as the green necklace thing he wears. It his been rumored for the longest time that the green part of the necklace will in fact be, or contain, one of the six Infinity stones.

Now before I get into which stone it is expected to be, let me just give you a quick rundown of the stones as a whole. They are six gems, each with different powers, that can cause some serious havoc. When all six are put together in the infinity gauntlet, their user essentially becomes the most dominant force in the universe. That is why Thanos, aka the big purple guy sitting in the chair during Guardians of the Galaxy, is after them, and will eventually begin to reek mayhem upon the MCU.

As things stand now, we have four of the six stones confirmed. The Space Stone (Tesseract) is currently in Asgard. The Mind Stone is entrenched in the forehead of Vision. The Reality Stone was last seen in possession of the Collector, but we are not sure if it was lost during the explosion that took place during Guardians of the Galaxy. Then there is the Power Stone, which is on Xandar with the Nova Corps.

That leaves us with two stones unaccounted for the Time Stone and the Soul Stone. Now take a look at the latest Doctor Strange tv spot, and tell me if you can figure out which stone may be in Strange’s possession.

Finish the clip? Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure get the impression that time is going to be a major factor in this film. Not only is it going to be important, but they are going to be messing with it like it is Play-Doh. We could see them going back in time, undoing events, freezing time and who knows what else.

And all of this can likely be attributed to one little stone. The Time Stone was the one that was long rumored to be the one in the Eye of Agamotto. While this tv spot does not confirm that fact, it surely makes fans lean more and more in that direction. They may not even call it that by name in the film, but after viewing Doctor Strange on November 4th, I am feeling pretty confident fans will be walking away knowing they have been exposed to the fifth stone.

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