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Don’t blame Olivia Munn for Aaron Rodgers not winning another Super Bowl

The internet and gossips hounds are going crazy with the split between Hollywood actress Olivia Munn and Green Bay packers QB, Aaron Rodgers. Their 3-year union came to a halt Friday and instead of fans wishing them well, they attacked Munn for distracting Rodgers. Now that’s funny. Munn and Rodgers started dating back in 2014 and if memory serves me correct, the Packers haven’t won or been to a Super Bowl since 2010.

I believe that’s 4 years BEFORE he started dating Munn. So what happened to those seasons after he won and was not dating her?

Each year there are 31 other QBs that go home empty-handed and while Rodgers dating Munn sure as hell didn’t hurt his stats– how is it her fault that he has choked the last three seasons? Name a season in which Rodgers has not been in the MVP discussion. How about these numbers–4381, 3821 and 4428. His touchdowns are still one of the best in the league for those years with– 38, 31 and 40. How dare you Munn?

Why couldn’t she just stick to making movies? Nooooo, she had to go out and mess with Rodgers and destroy a perfectly good franchise along the way.

To be fair, she didn’t injure Randle Cobb or Jordy Nelson. No, she wasn’t the reason they sat out consecutive seasons. Munn had to be the reason why the defense forgot how to tackle or the reason why the Minnesota Vikings took the NFC North away in 2015. Now it all makes sense, she’s the reason why Eddie Lacy gained so much weight the rushing attack lost its luster. Yup, it’s all on her.

Nevermind that Rodgers may have had two of his best seasons with the X-Men and soon-to-be Oceans Eight actress.

It sucks to end any relationship and one that is not as private as a person like Rodgers is. It comes with the territory but Munn has not been the downfall of Rodgers or the Packers. The jokes have been that Rodgers can get back to winning now that he’s single. When hasn’t he won? The only thing left for him to do is win another SB but he wasn’t doing that even before he met Munn anyway.

What was the excuse then?

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Mark Wilson
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