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Don’t Blame the NBA for Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors dominance

The NBA has come under fire the last 2 years when mention of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors dominance are brought up. But why? What has the NBA done wrong in so many fans eyes? The pundits will argue that Super Teams are destroying the league and that’s far from the truth. There were no rules broken as both teams were just smart enough to maneuver around their salary cap and sign who they thought were needed to win. What’s disheartening is that those same fans have not realized or turned a blind-eye to the fact that their favorite team was awarded the same chance to do so.

It’s not the NBA’s fault, it’s the owners and General Managers of their teams that should get the blame.

“The NBA is a joke” is the popular post on most Facebook statuses this morning especially after the Cavs dismantled the Boston Celtics 130-86 Friday night. Is this not the same Celtics team that many pegged to give the Cavs a run for their money this season? And to be honest– they did. The Celtics went on to claim the No.1 seed in the Eastern Conference, beating out the same Cavaliers team that won it two years running. Now, here we are in the playoffs and those same Celtics players look awful. How is the NBA to blame for that?

Is Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford not playing in the series? Who forced the Washington Wizards and John Wall to pick the wrong game to go cold? What about MVP frontrunner James Harden and the Houston Rockets or Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers? There are not many teams in the NBA without a superstar or two on their roster. The name of the game is winning. If fans are pissed that the Spurs or Toronto Raptors cannot beat the Warriors or Cavs due to inferiors talent then they must throw the hate mail and comment at the front office.

No one told the Spurs to keep throwing their hopes on the old legs of Tony Parker instead of going after a player like Rajon Rondo or Jeff Teague. Who put a gun to Danny Ainge’s head and said that keeping Amir Johnson as the PF would be wise instead of trading for Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel for the stretch run? Decisions, decisions, and more decisions. Not the NBA’s fault.

The only reason the NBA is considered a joke to many is because their team is a joke.

The Cavs and the Warriors may have some high-name players on their roster but check that roster again. How many of those players were drafted by their current team? Say what you want but who drafted Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson? Who drafted LeBron James, Tristan Thompson and Kyrie Irving? There were some trades made and big free agent signings but weren’t those players available to all 30 teams?

Both the Warriors and Cavaliers are undefeated so far this postseason and I always thought that was the name of the game–to win at all cost. Don’t hate the league for allowing your team to make stupid decisions based on emotions and money.

Just be ready for Round Three

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Mark Wilson
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