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Drake will commit career suicide if he battles Eminem

There are reports that Drake would not run from any lyrical beef with Eminem. New York’s Hot 97’s DJ, Ebro talked about a private convo he had with Drake concerning his beef with Joe Budden. Drake went on to mention that he has not taken the battle with Budden as serious as Joe has but when Ebro mentioned that Eminem could jump in, Drakes’s reply was “That’s not gonna happen. He’d never do that, and if he did, I’ve got something for him to”.

Whoa, he has something for Em?

For his sake, I hope it’s a handshake and a piece of paper for Eminem to sign his autograph because Drake does not need those type of issues in his life now. Drake was involved in a lyrical battle with Philly rapper Meek Mill, over Twitter nonsense but Hip Hop fans finally got a taste of what Drake could lyrically do as he demolished Meek, diss after diss but when Meek finally responded the battle was already over. To some hardcore Hip Hop fans, Drake gained some respect from people who never gave him the time of day for what he was able to accomplish against Meek and maybe some of that notoriety went to his head.


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As early as last month he got into a battle with Slaughter House MC, Joe Budden and while Budden is not as well-known as Meek on a commercial level, he is known throughout Hip Hop as a battle rapper. Budden on his podcast gave a review of Drake’s album The Views that Drake did not take too kindly to and went on to slightly diss Joey on a song. Well, Joe being Joe and a battle MC pulled a Drake on Drake and went straight for the juggler with three songs for the 6 God that he has yet to respond to. That swollen head he got after his battle with Meek put him in the cross hairs of one of the best to do this battle stuff. I get it; he felt disrespected by Budden, an ex-friend, so he had to do what he had to do, but once you start a lyrical war, you better be ready to see it through. Just like he did with Meek.

Now he’s coming at Eminem, one of the best to ever hit the booth and I hope Drake knows what he’s getting himself into. He should, as they have a slight history together as Em was featured on one of his early songs, Forever, where Drake started off strong but by the end of Em’s verse you forget who came before him. This is what Drake will be forced to deal with. Maybe he doesn’t know Em’s history, or never seen 8 Mile; this is how Em got his start in the game. The Rap Olympics, where MC’s would battle it out round-ribbon style. This is not Drake, not his style, this is where Em lives, where he thrives but we haven’t seen this from him in a while because no one has dared to challenge him on this level. Maybe this is Drake’s way of starting Jay and Nas Part 2, to try to bring Hip Hop back to its roots but why not get yourself warmed up with Joey first before stepping into the ring with the Rap God?

This is not about album sales, Grammy’s, or bank accounts, as he can’t touch Em on either level. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why he would go this route. Eminem is a huge artist; Drake is a huge artist, but maybe Drake feels he has nothing to lose if he does lose to Em. He feels he can walk away from that battle a winner since it was against Eminem. No Drake, a loss is a loss no matter how you swing it. I say that because what Em could to his career could send him back to TV and forget that he was ever a rapper.

It could be LL Cool J vs Canibus all over again, Jay Z vs Prodigy or 50 Cent vs Ja Rule, it could really be that bad for Drake. Drake is a rap artist, Eminem is a Hip Hop artist, there is a difference and if I have to explain that to you then you have no business reading this article in the first place.  As a battle rap fan I would love to see this go down but as a person that respects human life, I would hate to see Drake throw his away so carelessly.

Please Em, I’m begging you, do not battle this guy, let him continue to make music about strippers, and Nicki Minaj. He suffered a brain fart during that interview and had no idea what he was saying. I mean, seriously, this is Jimmy from Degrassi not Poppa Doc.


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