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Empire: 5 things to watch for during season 3

On September 21, 2016, Fox’s Empire will make its Season 3 debut on what should be another star-studded event. Empire has been known for its music, shady family encounters, and celebrity guest spots. But what will the new season give us, will it be better than the first two and will it return to a more common ground?

Season 1 was centered around family and music, while season 2 took a strange turn and I’m hoping that the third season will bring it all together for a show that has potential. We left off with a cliffhanger with their Rhonda of Anika seemingly going over a balcony edge during a fight, Jamal making a stance that we won’t sing again and Hakeem being left at the altar.


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What’s in store for season 3? Here are five things we need to be on the lookout for.

What will come of Lucious and Anika’s marriage?

Empire is built on secrets, and there was no bigger one than Anika keeping from everyone that she was the reason Rhonda lost her baby. Anika was jealous that there would be another baby in the picture and wanted her’s with Hakeem to be the only heir. By positioning herself back into the family good graces she put Lucious in a tight spot. Lucious and Cookie were working towards a reconcile, but when news broke that Anika may have to testify against Lucious, he came up with a plan that could stop that.

If they are married, she doesn’t have to testify. In doing so, Lucious puts more than his and Cookie’s chances on hold, somewhere down the line Anika will come for the company.

Will Freda Gatz seek revenge on Lucious?

Freda must find out that Lucious killed her father. Lucious keeps getting away with murder and someone has to make him pay one way or another. He has seemed to escape the FEDS once again by marrying Anika but with Freda having heavy ties to the street, the word should get back that Lucious was the one who put the hit out on Frank.

How much of a problem will Shyne cause the Lyons?

Shyne came on the scenes late in Season 2 and for whatever it’s worth he was a vital part of Lucious street fame. When he arrived at the wedding, he came in as the loud, ghetto friend that we knew from the moment he arrived he would cause issues. But now, with him seemingly fitting into a recurring role on the show how will he either help or hurt the Empire brand going forward? With Hakeem going thru his heartache and his hate for his father will Shyne be the person that he turns to if he has a problem with his dad?

Cookie needs to find some happiness

Since the show started, Cookie has been thru the worst. It started with her doing a 17-year bid for a crime Lucious committed only to come home and find that she has no part in the company and her children, everyone except Jamal hates her. Her ex, Lucious has moved on and was set to be married to Anika, which forced Cookie to move on and get involved with the head of Security. When that went relationship died, she got involved with a man that also happened to be in on the robbery and kidnapping of her son only to run back into the arms of Lucious. As we found out in the Season 2 finale, Lucious was forced to marry Anika, crushing Cookie chances again. Now, we get word there is another in the picture. Taye Diggs will have a recurring role as a New York councilman that may have his sights set on Cookie, can’t wait to see.

How important is Lucious mother?

She seems to know all but doesn’t say much. Will there come the point where she blows everything up with the hidden family secret? I can see her and Hakeem getting close this season as his hate for his dad will drive him right into her arms and her stories. She has a hold on Lucious like no one else but how strong is that grip and will it be enough to get him on the straight and narrow or will Lucious be forced to do the unthinkable?

I can’t wait for Sept, 21st.

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