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Empire season 3, episode 2 live stream: Watch online

The first episode of Season 3 for Empire was a shocker, to say the least. I did not expect for it to open up with the death of a main character but, anything for ratings. With Rhonda’s death, Andre sunk deeper into a darkness and the family for a loop.

Hakeem looks to be headed in the wrong direction as he works closely with Shyne, whom his father dislikes. Jamal is still refusing to sing and Lucious’ mother was 10 seconds away from slicing her Daughter-in-law and newborn grandchild into a million pieces. Yes, all this was in the first episode. As for Cookie and Lucious, they still have a company to run but are still at odds when it comes to their personal relationship.

This week brings a little more flavor into the mix as Taye Diggs character, Angelo Dubois is set to make his appearance. It’s clear that he and Cookie have some type of attraction between the two, which will cause the green-eyed monster to come out of Lucious. According to reports, Henson herself chose Diggs to be her love interest. Read as she explains why in an interview with Essence Magazine

“Well, you know, I did request him. I’ve never worked with Taye before. It was like, why not?”

What man can turn down Taraji P. Henson? Will his role divide the Empire more or will his presence be the spark needed to save the company and the family? The F.E.DS. are still hot on the trail of Lucious, which is being led by his half-brother Tariq. Will Cookie find a way to distract him long enough for Lucious to come up with some master plan that doesn’t involve killing his own blood?

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Even with the newborn, should Anika fear for her life with Lucious knowing everything that she has done? And now with her and him living under the same roof, to fool the cops should she sleep with one eye open?

Here is where you can watch the episode live:

Date: Wednesday, September 28

Start Time: 9 p.m. (ET)

Episode: Sin That Amends

TV Channel: Fox

Live Stream: Stream 1

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