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Entertainment News: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie were doomed from the beginning

Why is America so broken up over the news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are heading towards a divorce? I’ve been divorced twice and the news barely made the annual family barbecue.

This is Hollywood, breakups happen every five seconds. I admit, they seemed pretty cool as a couple, from a distance and what I was able to see on TV. But if you were to take a closer look you could see the problems from the beginning. First off, this is life, stuff like this happens on a daily basis. You are together for years and everything is going well, then you sign that paper and BOOM. Maybe it’s just best to be what you are and not give in to what society says and force a couple to get married.

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Whatever was working for them before the marriage was working. Look at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, they been together since 1983 and have no plans of getting married. Another issue during their marriage was, it started on a lie. Brad was already with someone at the time, Jennifer Aniston, but during the taping of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, there was some chemistry. Well, you know where this story ends up. Brad dumps Jennifer, Jennifer cries, Angelina laughs and Americans falls in love with a couple for all the wrong reasons.

Another big problem I saw was there never seemed to be enough “US” time in their relationship. They were always on the go, shooting movies, fighting for some cause, but did they ever have time for them? Living in the spotlight is tough and what brought them together was the thing that tore them apart. In some eyes, this was karma. It may very well be and they may deserve it. But there are still kids to think about now and they will have to do what’s best for them.

This is not your typical divorce. Both parties have tons of money, so a custody battle will not destroy one’s life. A fight over property will not put a dent in one’s travel plans. The marriage is over, face the media, give your little song and dance and be on your way. Pitt sad he is saddened by this. Was he not in the relationship, did he not see the signs? Just be honest and say “It didn’t work, we both saw this coming and now we can move on”. How hard is that?

I hope this goes over peacefully and if it doesn’t, so what. The real life people who go through this daily understands how ugly a divorce can get. These Hollywood types, they know nothing about life and can’t handle heartbreak and failed relationships. Next week, both will be in the arms of someone else, the kids will be smiling and life will go on.

Such is life in Hollywood.

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