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Entertainment: Power finally had its The Wire moment

After 2.5 seasons it finally happened, Power has put itself on the path of The Wire. Throughout the shows existence I’ve waited patiently as the dominoes were taken out the box and lined up, just waiting for the right moment to be knocked down and on Sunday night it finally happened with one scene.

The Wire, much like Power is based on drugs and violence, but as Tommy’s crazy mother put it so eloquently, it’s also based on friendship. As Season 3 opened Tommy was put in a tough place as he had to choose his and Holly’s life over Ghost but Ghost not being aware of the issues at hand still looked to Tommy as a friend. Tommy, with the noose tied around his neck from Holly, was lost between loyalty and desperation as he tried to kill his best friend but couldn’t do it.

Realizing Tommy was dragging his feet, Holly decided to take it upon herself and put the hit out on Ghost as she paid the Jamaicans to do Tommy’s dirty work. Ghost and his son were cornered, and as the guns were drawn, Ghost realized this was the end of his life, but luckily for him his Club’s security never listens to direct orders and came to the rescue, killing off the attempted hit.

On the other side of town, while that was going down, Holly and Tommy were engaged in a heated argument as Tommy realized that Ghost is his one true friend in all the nonsense. Holly, for some reason sensing that she was losing Tommy, tried wounding his ego by hurling insults and got the shock of her life when she realized her mouth wrote a check her a** couldn’t cash. By the time she realized Tommy’s bond with Ghost was bigger than theirs, she was already written out of next week’s storyline.

Ghost, while laying in bed may have realized it was Tommy all along, got up and snuck his way into Tommy’s house. Dressed to kill but what he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. The next scene to follow was just as emotionally driven as The I Killed DeAngelo scene, where Stringer told Avon he had his cousin killed, which resulted in the downfall of their friendship and The Rooftop scene where Avon pretty much told Stringer his life was over.

This was a different situation entirely, but the scene in the car after Ghost buried Holly was just as powerful as two friends, turned enemies realized they needed each other in the long run. Tommy knew how dire the situation at hand was but the look on Ghost face when he found out it was Holly that tried to kill him, then the realization of why Tommy killed her made it the best scene in the short-lived show.

What happens next will define the direction of Power. The Wire is hands down the greatest show to hit TV, but Power has a chance to position itself in the same lane moving forward.

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