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Entertainment Rumors: Could Anthony Mackie’s Falcon Be The Next Captain America?

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With Chris Evans Marvel future in flux, the future of Steve Rogers has yet to be determined. If Evans does indeed decide to leave his role as Captain America, who takes his place? While promoting his newest film Black Or White, Anthony Mackie shed some light on rumors of his character (Falcon/Sam Smith) becoming the new Captain America.

“There are many incarnations in the comic book, and we are now going into the Civil War. So, if you look at it in the comic book, Cap gives Bucky the shield, Bucky gives it back to Cap, Cap gives it to [Sam Wilson]. Then Bucky goes off and marries Black Widow, so I keep the shield… give it back to Cap, and recently, Cap wanted to be old, so he gave me the shield back. And now I got the Shield; I’m not giving it back”

Yes, Mackie did in fact use Captain America comic books as a reference  point. In this instance, it seems as if Sam Wilson does indeed become the new Captain America, but if you read closely the answer might become a little more complicated.

“Cap gives Bucky the shield, Bucky gives it back to Cap”

This would imply that Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) will take over as Captain America for at least a few films. Barnes does have a lengthy nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios, so anything is possible. Mackie is doing a very good job at stirring the pot, but it’s unlikely he is the next Captain America. Marvel Studios very rarely follows their comic books in their films, and if you recall the second credits scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier, Falcon isn’t looking like a strong choice to be Steve Rogers successor.

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