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Entertainment Rumors: Charlie Hunnam will make great ‘Scarface’ in remake

Entertainment Rumors have been swirling around for years about a possible remake of the hit classic, Scarface. But every time the movies was set to go into production something would go wrong. The actors were not right or the script was not perfect enough. But this could be their shot to get it going again. With the success of shows like Narcos, it has opened the door for another Scarface movie.

But who will direct, and better yet, who will be the new Scarface? As early as last year there were reports that the film was set to go into production with original director, Brain De Palma, as he wanted to cast Leonardo DiCaprio but it never fell thru. Now, there are new reports that Magnificent 7 director Antoine Fuqua will be heading up the new film.

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But, trying to stick to the original script is where they may go wrong. We know the story of Tony Montana already, give us something else. Instead of the immigrant from Cuba, give us an U.S. born figure. The immigrant angle is not what made Scarface famous, it was his actions and personality that made Tony Montana so large. Furthermore, there is no need to build of Al Pachino’s character. His role is legendary and there is no need to try to top that because you can’t.

Per reports, the film will be set in California, so why not give an actor who already has ties to that part of the state a go. Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy comes to mind when I think of the next Scarface. If you’ve seen the show then you already know he can play that hero/villain role to a tee. With the remake taking place in modern-day times there are so many approaches Fuqua can take. The film has endless possibilities but the most import obstacle is picking the right lead actor.

If Fuqua is smart he will go with Hunnam and bring that ruthless persona to the big screen that he portrayed so great as Jackson Teller.


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