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Entrepreneurship: The Small Things That Matter When Your Business is Growing

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Every entrepreneur is focused on making their business a success and pushing it to new heights all the time. However, actually achieving that is far easier said than done. There are so many factors that contribute to the success (or failure) of a business, so there’s no way of pinpointing one precise issue that matters more than any others.

However, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the big and obvious things that make a difference. Grand plans and extravagant moves are all well and good, but if the fundamental and the small things aren’t right, it’s going to be impossible to achieve what you want to achieve with your business. That’s why it’s important to focus on the small things that matter because getting these right will help your business to grow too.

We’re going to now look at some of the precise things that really matter when you’re growing your business and looking to improve it, so read on to find out more.

Ensure You’re Working with the Best Suppliers

Working with good suppliers is obviously something that’s very important when you want to grow your business. These are the people you’re relying on week after week to get the job done for you, and if they’re not performing to the standard you expect them to, it’s a big problem.

Be sure to work with people you know you can trust. If you’ve been putting up with a poor or continually late service from your suppliers for a long time, it’s usually a sign that you need to make a change. It’s never a bad thing to ditch an unhelpful supplier and choose a more suitable one.

Delegate Better

Delegating is a task that all business owners have to get into the habit of doing. It’s not always easy when you want to stay in control of your business and make sure that things go the way you want them to. But for a business to grow, it takes a team of people working as one.

If you haven’t delegated tasks before but you now need to because your team is growing, it’s all about using your knowledge and understanding of your team. Get to know each person’s core strengths and learn how you can get the most out of each and every person’s contributions.

Present Yourself as an Expert

If you can make it clear to the outside world that you’re an expert in your field and you understand how to achieve things that your competitors can’t. It might mean taking a personal role in the development of your business and using your face as the face of the company.

Rather than shying away from opportunities, grab them and show everyone that you’re an expert at what you do and that you’re the person to turn to when help is needed in that field. It will not only benefit you but ultimately benefit your business, which matters most.

Know Where to Find Your Audience

Knowing your audience is important, but what matters even more is the ability to locate your audience. After all, you can’t appeal to customers if you don’t know where to find them online. This all starts with knowing the demographics of your core audience.

You can then work out where those demographics are most likely to be found, whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or somewhere else. Each of these social media platforms has a bias towards a particular demographic, and you can succeed by finding the one that your audience prefers to use.


Explore Ways of Improving Efficiency

Efficiency is important to businesses because if you’re not performing in an efficient way, resources will be wasted, as will time. So, maybe it’s time to start thinking about how you can improve efficiency in the days and weeks ahead. There are plenty of ways to do it.

You can assess how you hold meetings and how teamwork is coordinated in your workplace. It’s all about getting the most out of your time and resources while cutting back on the time you’re wasting each day. It’s something your team can take on and work on together.

Automate or Outsource Some Basic Tasks

You’ve probably heard a lot about the power of automation already, but it’s something that definitely has to be taken seriously. When you automate basic tasks, such as email campaigns and things like that, you save yourself a lot of money. It’s not all about big robotics.

As well as automating some things, it might also make sense to outsource some tasks that don’t really need to be taken care of inside your office. For example, things like data entry take up a lot of time but it’s not a great use of time. Instead, let an external company take care of this.

Modernizing Communications

If you’re still using very old methods of communication in your office, now might be a good time to change all that. There are so many modern communication methods both for internal and external communication, so there’s really no reason to persevere with the old ways.

Some businesses turn to fax over IP to replace traditional fax. This is a small step but it makes a difference. You can also use secure messaging apps to help employees with internal communication. Just do what you can to modernize how you communicate on all fronts.

Reward Your Team for Staying on Time and on Budget

Rewarding a team will reinforce the kind of behavior that you want to see from them. So when they do something positive, such as completing a project while staying on time and on budget, you should think about how you can reward them and show them that you appreciate their work.

This also has the effect of letting your team know that they’re valued by the management and owners of the business, which is something that’s not always clear. The rewards can take whatever form you like, but what matters is that they show your appreciation.

Do More Networking

Doing more networking is a good idea when you want to improve your business and grow it successfully. Networking is when you meet people who might be able to help your business or partner with you in some way. It could be about improving the recognition of your brand, for example.

Set your aims before you start networking and then come up with a plan for how you can reach them successfully. Meeting people and getting out there is such a small thing to do when you consider the good it could bring to your business going forward.


Simplify Your Message to Customers

The message you’re putting out there to target customers needs to be simple and succinct. Why should people care about you? The truth is the people who aren’t already your customers don’t care about your brand and it’s your task to make them care.

However, you’re not going to win them over with overlong and complicated messaging because they don’t care enough to even work out what you’re trying to get across. That’s why all good marketing is simplified and obvious. It should take no effort on the part of the customer.

Offer Valuable Online Content to Your Audience

Online content is provided by all businesses nowadays. They all produce Facebook posts and tweets for Twitter, as well as photo content for platforms like Instagram and maybe even video content for Youtube and all other platforms. It’s the quality of the content that matters though.

If you’re pumping out content that’s boring, dull and devoid of meaning, it’s never going to go down well or have much of an impact on your business’s long-term chances of success. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. So try harder and produce content that has value and meaning for your audience.

Bill Clients Faster and Stay on Top of This Work

Billing your clients for the work you’ve produced for them is obviously important because it allows you to get the money you’re owed in an efficient way. But rather than billing in bulk at the end of the month, do it immediately and do it faster. It will improve your bottom line and stop bills falling through the cracks.

Get into the habit of billing fast and not letting clients pay late. Cash flow is ever more important for your business as it grows, so this is exactly the kind of thing that you need to get on top of rapidly.

Work on Customer Service

Customer service matters, even if it’s the really small things that are taken for granted. Thanking customers, offering a smile and then providing support and help after the purchase are all examples of good customer service. When all of those small things are put together, they mean a lot to customers.

Growing your business is never easy. There’s a lot that goes into making it happen but you also can’t ignore the smaller or easily overlooked things. Be sure to give some thought to each of the points raised above because getting these things right could make a huge difference to the future of your business.

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