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Exclusive Interview: Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor, a shooting guard out of Grinnell scored an NCAA-record 138 points on November 20th, 2012. Taking 108 shots, Taylor made 52 baskets, including 27 threes. Taylor, the 5’10” sophomore had 58 points at halftime, which means he scored a whopping 80 points in the third and fourth quarters.

Playing only 36 minutes, he broke the record by 25 points as Grinnell went on to win 179-104. Taylor was also battling a shooting slump before the game against Faith Baptist Bible.

As you can tell, that didn’t hold him back. Here is a few questions I asked this stud a week or so after this unforgettable night.

Question One:

Me: “What was racing through your mind as you approached the 100-point mark?”

Jack: “I really wasn’t thinking much as I approached the 100 point mark. I was fatigued but I was very focused on simply scoring the basketball and didn’t have much time to think about what was happening.”

Question Two:

Me: “When you hit 100 points did your mind set on breaking the record change after that?”

Jack: “I had no idea how many points I had, so I did not know when I reached the 100 point mark. I just kept shooting!”

Question Three:

Me: “Are you treated differently after the big game?”

Jack: “I have been treated differently, especially right away. My friends and family were in awe. Now that the craziness has settled in, things are returning back to normal.”

Question Four:

Me: “Playing in the NCAA, do you have a dream to keep playing or do you plan on taking on another career.”

Jack: “I plan on playing professional basketball after college. I hope to play overseas. However after basketball is over, I plan to go to graduate school to be a pharmacist.”

Question Five:

Me: “Did anyone inspire you to play basketball or is there a certain NBA player that is your role model? Why?”

Jack: “I have always admired Kobe’s passion for the game. He hasn’t always conducted himself in a respectful manner but his passion for the game of basketball and his desire to improve as a player is undeniable”

Question Six:

Me: “Many scouts are in awe of your 138  points game, have you gotten more scouts at your college looking at you after this amazing performance?”

Jack: “No scouts have come to watch, but I hope when I am a senior in college I will have some interested coaches overseas!”

Question Seven:

Me: “When did you start playing basketball?”

Jack: “I started playing basketball in the 3rd grade.”

Question Eight:

Me: “Was the game plan shaped around you scoring? Why or why not?”

Jack: “Going into the game I knew I was going to put up more shots than I normally do so that I could get my confidence before we head into conference play. However I don’t think anyone ever imagined I would score so many points!” 

Question Nine:

Me: “What were some of the other schools that tried to recruit you and why did you choose Grinnel?”

Jack: “I was recruited by a few of the ivy league schools such as Columbia and also had division two schools interested. However I chose Grinnell because of the up-tempo style of basketball that they played. I loved it!”

Question Ten:

Me: “Has the big game influenced your treatment greatly? Has it motivated you to make significant changes in your future plans?”

Jack: “The big game has influenced my treatment. I hope to use my newfound fame and respect to encourage and inspire others and to also spread the gospel of Jesus Christ which is so dear to me. I hope I can use this game as a stepping stone to play professional basketball!”


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