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Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball: Should I make this trade centered around Jacob DeGrom?

For anyone not interested in Fantasy Baseball I just have one word for you– why? For some, they say it’s too boring and the season takes too long in which they forget to set their lineups. It’s not like Fantasy Football where you have to think about your lineups Sunday morning in most cases. Regardless of the timeframe, it’s still fun to me. That was until this season when I drafted the team from Hell. It started out good but man did things go south quickly. The team that I drafted, I pretty much no longer have and my opponents are doing their best to make a run at my best players. The latest trade offer I received was for Jacob DeGrom.

Here is where I need the help.

My team is 3-12 with no real shot at the playoffs so why should I stick with my good players? For one, I’m going down until my whole lineup goes up in flames. I’m sorry but I’m not a quitter. My team has played well over the last few weeks and that’s how I even made it to three wins. Yes, it was actually that bad for me. Well, since we got a bit of my team’s back history out the way let’s jump right into this deal to see what you guys think I should do.

Here’s my lineup.

fantasy baseball    fantasy baseball  

Yes, I know it doesn’t scream the most dangerous lineup but the past month has been great. Now, one of my opponents has offered me a trade that involves my best pitcher–DeGrom. He’s in the hunt for a playoff spot and has actually helped me build the current team that I have thanks to trades. Here’s what he has offered.

Is this a good deal for me?

Should I just give up on the season or will this trade help me make a final push? I am currently in last place and there are only 4 teams that make it to the Championship round. After Sunday (7/30) I will be 4-12 with 5 weeks to go. If I sweep the remaining schedule I will end up 9-12 but there are already two teams with 11 wins. So basically, I’m fighting for the last two spots. The remaining team’s records are:






That’s the ladder I am trying to climb. What should I do?


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