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Fantasy Basketball Power Forward : Draymond Green or Anthony Davis?

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With Fantasy Basketball leagues getting ready to hold their drafts we will take a look at the top players for each position. Today we will start with the Power Forward spot.

There are players that can handle their business in the low post and players that have no business in the post. These five players a should be at the top of everyone’s draft board.


LaMarcus Aldridge ( San Antonio Spurs )

Aldridge is one of the best low post players in the NBA that seems to go unnoticed at times. But how can a player with the ability to average 20/10 always fall through the cracks? Last season was a feeling out process in his first year with the Spurs but this year may prove to be more difficult. Leonard is a bona-fide star ready to break out and with the addition of Pau Gasol, Aldridge may see a drop in production. Despite that he is still one of the top PF’s and not picking him up will haunt you this fantasy season.

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Draymond Green ( Golden State Warriors )

Green is a must have for the simple reason that he does everything. In Fantasy basketball you must go for a player that can provide top stats across the board. His scoring will take a hit with the addition of Durant but he still can provide quality points in rebounds, assists, and steals. For a player that may take only 7-9 shots per game, Green still should be high on everyone’s list when it comes to choosing a PF.

Blake Griffin ( Los Angeles Clippers )

Despite the rumors surrounding his possible departure either during the season or after Griffin is still a top choice. As long as Chris Paul is running the show Griffin will average 20+ points. His rebounding and defense has improved which makes him more a top choice above Aldridge. If Griffin can knock down the perimeter shot consistently he should rank high for PF this fantasy season.

Anthony Davis ( New Orleans Pelicans )

Davis is the Pelicans offense and defense. The team will go as far as he can lead them. If he’s healthy then Davis is top choice due to his scoring, rebounding and defense. Davis can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot and much like Griffin, if he figures out a perimeter game, look out. Davis should be taken No.1 in terms of fantasy PF’s.

Kristaps Porzingis ( New York Knicks )

I have Porzingis high on this list because of the additions the Knicks have made. In his rookie year last season he made strides but he carried a larger burden. With the addition of Rose and Noah some of those responsibilities will be shared elsewhere making for a breakout year. Porzingis is already a terrific rebounder and defender, now you add his outside game into the mix and we could see a 20/10 performance . Many will put Paul Millsap in his place but remember you heard it first here. This is the year of K.P.

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