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Fashion: The old school feel of Air Force Ones, Pumas or Adidas are perfect for the summer

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re like me, that means it’s time to expose your love for kicks. The winters are boots and weather predicted sneakers but summer time is when the real exhibit begins.

What’s your favorite?

Me, I love the feel and look of Nike and their Air Force Ones. Doesn’t matter the colors, style or cut it’s just having them on that makes you feel you’re walking on air. As far as accessibility goes, they can be worn with anything during the summer. Air Force Ones look great with sweat pants, shorts, and jeans.  What makes them different from most kicks are their color schemes. All white and all black are the basic and most popular but when it’s time to get creative is when Air Force’s really make a statement.

No matter your color choice of shirt or pants, Nike has your covered. White with the blue swoosh, same with red and any color you can imagine to coordinate with anything you have in the closet. However, individual artists have taken the ability to accessorize to another level. See, for as many sneaks there are to the public, only one provides a creative person the blank canvas they need to create a masterpiece.

If Ones’s aren’t your choice there is still the ever so humble approach you can take with Adidas. From Stan Smiths to the classic Run DMC shell toes. Shell’s are my favorite Adidas. Simple, yet straight to the point with the design. Shell’s can be rocked with just about anything as well. However, it’s the classic white and black that is hugely popular in the urban community.


Another classic shoe that has tried to make a comeback is the old school Puma. Over the years their style has changed to more of a Track & Field feel but to me, Pumas are still the official sneak for break dancing. The red/black suede with the fat NY laces are still the fan favorite but the ROMA is quickly moving up my list. The sleek look and feel make them perfect for summer with shorts and no socks.

Summer is the time to bring out the set that’s been hiding in your closet all winter long.

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Mark Wilson
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