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Fast & Furious 8: Make This the Last But Go Out In Style

I can’t believe this franchise made it to 8 movies, 8, how many movies can say they had a franchise go this long? Star Wars come to mind but even they did a reboot of sorts as their story traveled backwards just to go forward. But a movie about fast cars was only supposed to last one movie long, not 8.

But here we are heading into #8 and while Diesel said they will do two more after this it still hasn’t lacked in production, well maybe #7 but that was for different reasons. As a fan I enjoyed the majority of the films, yes the majority I wasn’t a big fan of Tokoyo Drift, it lacked the luster of the others and the main character had little to no feeling but how they tied Han into the role n the later films gave you a better understanding. After Tokoyo I figured the franchise was done but when Paul Walker and Vin Diesel agreed to reprise their roles for the 4th film it picked up where the first one left off.

There were some new characters on the scene like Ludacris and Tyrese but the story focused on the friendship of Brain and Dominic. As the series pushed forward we were introduced to more members as the Rick joined the franchise as a cop brought in to hint the crew down but they would later become allies.

But then tragedy struck.

Walker was killed in car crash, off set while he was in the middle of filming for film #7 and fans were heartbroken. As much as everyone loves Dom the film does not work without Brian and their friendship as the center piece of it, and this is where the franchise must end. I admit, i didn’t expect a #8 and I’m not sure what they could do but if one of the main characters, mainly Brian or Dom is not involved, you have removed a major emotion out of the movie.

At the end of the last movie we were giving the scene from hell as the crew watched Brain and Mia on the beach with their son, signaling the end of Brain’s part on the team. As Dom drove off to an unknown destination, Brain pulled up beside him, they give each other a look and their final race begins.

And right there should have been the end of Fast & Furious, but after close to $4 billion dollars made, how can you end such a profitable franchise?

Now we hit #8 and the cast returns, minus Brain but there are still no details as how the plot will go. I’m excited they will have a New York theme as they’ve been everywhere else but the movie has to start on a sad note. There has to be a call from either Mia or a friend explaining to Dom that either Brian was killed or the entire family was murdered. You cannot have a film and not have some reference to one of the bigger stars. Let the call come, cue the funeral scene and make it a revenge movie.

I would hate to see it but we have processed Walker’s death now it’s time for us to process Brain’s. If this is indeed the last one then take it back to the original with fast cars, fewer guns and more free-spirited adventures. It’s been a great ride, but all good things must come to an end, better now before the franchise take a turn for the worse, like it almost did with #7.

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Mark Wilson
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