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Fear the Walking Dead: 5 bold predictions season 2b

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After the crew splits up in Mexico, it will be tougher for them to survive.  They will all face their dangers and imminent demise as they continue to learn to survive, after the events of episode Mid-Season finale Shiva.  The group has been split in three different ways in a strange land with strange events happening.  They are only 5-6 weeks into the Zombiepocolypse, but now the Infected are everywhere.  Here my five predictions about what will happen are Season 2b of Fear the Walking Dead.

                                                (Possible Spoilers, proceed at your own risk.)

  1. There will be some of the most violent and shocking scenes ever seen on television.

This is based upon executive producer Dave Erickson’s statement about upcoming episodes when he said, “We’re going to see a level of violence and intensity in the second half that we haven’t seen before.”  So is he talking about on this show or television?  We will soon find out.  One thing can be certain when you have both the Mexican drug cartels and zombies all around you; then you have some problems.

It is known for certain that Nick gets into some shit as he is seen shot in the lower legs while following the zombies.  His doctor that removes the bullet tells him, “It is okay not to be afraid of death, but you do not have to follow it.”  Which leads us to the next prediction.

  1. Nick will get into some deep shit but will survive until Season 3.

Nick has seen with one of the women from the Abigail Ranch as well as a doctor for a companion.  He is seen being manhandled by the cartels.  They have a machete up to his arm.  He is also on top of a bus while it is swarmed by dozens of infected. Nick seems like in spite of all of his weaknesses that he is, in fact, a survivor.

  1. Travis will become Zombie Food.

Travis has shown a tendency to be very soft since the beginning.  I do not think he would do well if confronted with many zombies or worse yet a group of thug’s intent on killing him and his family and taking their items.  However, Chris seems to be doing just find in killing both humans and zombies, a trait needed for this new world.

  1. Madison and Victor to grow a stronger bond.

It seems that there is a trust developing between them as seen in Shiva. These two left together and stayed by each other’s side even when there were trust issues. These two will form the core of a strong group in the future.

  1. Ofelia and Alicia will grow a bond based upon learning to survive together.

After the loss of Daniel Salazar when the Abigail Estate barn burned down during the events of Shiva, it was uncertain if Daniel lived or not with it being presumed that he is dead.  Ofelia must now cope with the loss of both of her parents and learn to survive.  She was the one who has been the most babied up to this point, but she no longer has that security blanket.

Alicia has learned her lesson about being naïve and has learned that she can use her beauty and charm to manipulate men.  She is like a young and sexy Carol.  These skills will keep her alive.  She will also help Ofelia while she comes into her own as a zombie slayer.

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