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Firestick has become the new Netflix and Chill in terms of Dating

“What you doing tonight”? “Nothing”. “Well, you want to come over and watch Firestick”? It seems like a simple question, but just a year ago it was called Netflix and Chill to couples looking for a way to break the ice when sex was in the air. Netflix was the craze with its abundance of old and new shows available to in the confines of your home. However, Amazon decided to do them one better and offer everything, including a voice-activated remote.

As great as Netflix is, Firestick is light years ahead of them. And that’s just based on the legal version. There are so many options to choose from on Firestick that Netflix has now joined the ranks of cable TV. Maybe money is a little tight and you’re in the mood to sit and relax. With Firestick you could REALLY relax in style with a remote in hand that gives you the power to watch anything.

There’s no secret what a jailbroken Firestick can do. Let’s just say that with one, Firestick and Chill can easily become “I’m calling out of work tomorrow”.

While movie prices have continued to rise despite the access we have to bootleg it, sitting at home has become the best option. Cable prices are outrageous and this is where Netflix, Firestick and now Sling has become so popular. Most first dates will take place outside but anything after that can easily fall in the Firestick category.

A nice home-cooked meal, some wine, then it’s time to hit the couch for whatever you feel like watching. Maybe it’s something old like Titanic or Grease. Or, you could be in the mood for something new like Fences. If you really to make sure you get a third or fourth date, you could always hit them with a TV series to binge watch. 

So many possibilities these days that’s its a wonder why we still go outside. If you feel like spending some alone time with that special person, just call them up and ask “are you down for some Firestick”?

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Mark Wilson
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