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F@#K Another Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers Finals Rematch

How many times have you heard that statement over the last two seasons? As much as we would hate to admit it, we’re possibly headed there again unless a team like the San Antonio Spurs or the Boston Celtics can get their head out their asses and force either team to play another style of basketball. Until that happens we’re on a collision course for yet another Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers rematch for the third straight year.

When I decided to write this I was asked to talk about how the Warriors are a bunch of soft jump shooting, whiny dirty players that talk trash when they win but give excuses when the lose. According to some, Stephen Curry is a showboat, and he can’t hold a candle to Kyrie Irving and such. Klay Thompson is streaky and one-dimensional. Draymond Green is as dirty as they come and Kevin Durant is just along for the ride to show up former teammate Russell Westbrook. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but why the hate?

What have the Warriors done to you that has you all in your feelings? Nothing. All they’ve done is win Their roster is mostly homegrown and the free agents they have signed were either former shells of themselves or outcast by other teams. All Steve Kerr has done was teach them how to win. I mean, look at Curry. 7th pick whose career was almost derailed due to multiple ankle injuries and was almost dealt at one point. Thompson, the 11th pick who has done nothing but improve his game and up his scoring average each season he has been in the league. What about Green? All Green has done is gone from a 2nd round pick to possibly the most versatile player in the NBA. But yet, that hate is strong.

The Cavs are hated due to one player, LeBron James.

His leaving Cleveland to chase rings in Miami turned the entire world outside of Miami against him. Then he gave the fans and the NBA the middle finger again when he decided to go back to Cleveland. You can hate what he did but can you truly despise his game? The Cavs are a mixture of home talent and free agent signings but this is the new era of the NBA. They have destroyed the Eastern Conference for two straight years, while LeBron has done it for six. They have earned the right to brag. Do you want to shut them up? Beat them.

The Cavs and Warriors are hated because most have grown tired of seeing them win. However, it’s not their fault. The Warriors took heat last offseason when they signed former MVP Kevin Durant but, last I checked every team was throwing out the red carpet treatment for his services. How can you be mad at the Warriors for adding Durant to their team? You’re just made he didn’t choose your city. It’s ok to admit we won’t throw any extra shade your way.

The 2016-17 NBA Finals may have a familiar feel to it but, it’s not like the NBA set it up that way. The Warriors and Cavaliers put on their shorts and shoes just like every other team in the league. Meaning, there’s nothing special about them. There’s no cheat code Adam Silver handed them during the season. They play the game like it’s supposed to be played, to win. There’s only one objective to both teams, to be the last one standing come June.

You say “F@#K the Cavaliers and Warriors”, I say stop complaining and finger-pointing and beat them. If not, then shut the hell up and enjoy the rematch.


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Mark Wilson
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