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Game of Thrones: I’m stuck on Season 5 while the rest of the world is enjoying Winter

As a new watcher of The Game of Thrones, allow me to say that social media sucks. While a vast majority of the world is watching whatever Winter has brought to HBO, a newbie such as myself is still stuck on Season 5 hoping I don’t catch a glimpse of something I’m not supposed to see. What happened is that I fell in love with certain characters on the show. What also has happened is that while I’m attempting to catch up, the show keeps moving forward and social media has no regard for my feelings.

However, as a Facebook user, it’s hard to log on Sunday and Monday to see fans post.

Sunday is normally reserved for the excitement of a new episode, while Monday is either disappointing that someone died or joy that they lived. For me, I can’t bare to log on. I’m on Season 5 where all my favorite characters are still alive and I will go crazy if I happen to scroll across my timeline and see a post in which someone shares into that he or she was killed in a battle. But this is the consequences that I must live with for getting into the show later than others.

For years I turned away for whatever reason. But as the 2017 Summer began I kept seeing #WinterisComing. I’m thinking someone is playing games and having fun at how hot the weather has been outside, not fully knowing or understanding that this was a TV show there were talking about. Like most, I heard of Game of Thrones but was so caught up in the superhero world of Arrow or The Blacklist that I forgot all about it.

Now, I’m hooked. I have binged watched 4.5 seasons over the last 2 weeks and just as the 7th season was starting, I was beginning No. 5.

I talk to a lot of GOT fans and I have questions I would like answered but I’m afraid to ask. What happens to Arya Stark– does she become a kick ass fighter? What about Tyrion Lannister– does his sister ever find out that he’s alive? Or my favorite–Daenerys Targaryen. Does she make amends with her dragons?f

I want to know and I have almost asked a few people but I’ve kept my mouth shut.

I love social media but right now, it’s my enemy.

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