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Glamour Girl Of The Day: Q & A With Danielle Anderson

Welcome to INSCMagazine’s “Glamour Girl Of The Day” debut column, where we interview the hottest girls of the day in the realm of fashion, modeling and style.

The interviewee featured here is Danielle Anderson.


Glamour model, Danielle Anderson
Glamour model, Danielle Anderson

Chloe: Name, age, where you’re from?

Danielle: “Danielle Anderson, 25, Surrey”


Chloe: When was it you started doing glamour modeling?

Danielle: “I got in to the glamour industry over 2 years ago.”


Chloe: How did you get into glamour?

Danielle: “I used to be a PA but I had a friend who’s a well known photographer ask me to do a test shoot & it all went from there really & I’ve not looked back since”


Chloe: What would you say are the best and worst parts of being in the industry?

Danielle: “Best part about the industry is I have made some really great friends & gone some fun places to shoot but the worst part I would say is people presuming your a certain way just because of the job you do.”


Chloe: What’s been your favorite shoot?

Danielle: “I’d have to say my fave shoot was out in Marbella, it was a stunning location with lots of girl mates on the shoot & a chief making us yummy food with lots of alcohol!”


Chloe: Do you have a heavy gym routine? if so what do you do?

Danielle: “I go from hardcore healthy to complete opposites but if I’m training I do have a PT otherwise I’d never go”


Chloe: Who’s your celebrity crush?

Danielle: “I actually don’t have a big crush on a celeb. hmmm but I do love the Beckhams!”


Chloe: If you could be an animal for the day who would it be?

Danielle: “I would be a dolphin! OMG! To swim freely in the ocean, magical!”


Chloe: And lastly would you recommend others to join the glamour world?

Danielle: “I mean I wouldn’t tell girls not to become a glamour model, (It would be a)tad hypercritical! LOL! But just enjoy, embrace it & control your content well.”

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