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Globe Bowl: Team USA uses running attack and stout defense to crush Canada 35-0

It was cold Saturday afternoon in Allentown Pa, however, when the helmet-to-helmet hits started making noise in the brisk air, all was forgiven. Globe Bowl 5 was a showcase for top college seniors and pro Arena athletes to display their skills to scouts.

This was my first time covering the game and I walked away amazed at the talent that was on the field. Team America was led by a backfield that I dubbed “Fire & Ice”. The first wave of attack was brought on by Globe Bowl (Daytona Beach) MVP, and former Baltimore Ravens RB, Walter Sanders. Sanders is the”Fire” with his bigger body and smash mouth style, while Robert Cleveland of Delaware Valley University is the “Ice” with his shifty moves. Individually they can do damage but together they’re unstoppable.

While Team USA struggled with their passing attack as QB, Easton Melancon tried his best to hit wide open receivers but with the cold air, most passes were dropped.

Throughout the game, USA never looked fazed while Team Canada looked out of sorts from the opening kickoff. There was too much trash-talking going on from Team Canada’s side that I thought they were the ones winning the game. Team USA had an answer for every play that Canada called and by the 3rd quarter, the fat lady had sung her last note.

With the ball hard to zip through the air for both QBs it was only right that the backfield took their cue. Sanders and Cleveland provided the spark for the majority of the afternoon and proved to every football fan in attendance that ground & pound is the way to play when the elements are not in your favor. Team Canada tried that approach but a stifling defense led by Jordan Burdue and Ethan Gamble halted them at every chance. Canada had no answers and looked flustered throughout the entire afternoon.

For the fans in attendance who braved through the cold air, it was a sight to see as USA took the moniker “home-field advantage” to heart.



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