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Golden State Warriors: Steve Kerr has done the impossible

The Golden State Warriors should be thanking Phil Jackson for his stubbornness. If Phil was willing to do away with the Triangle the Warriors would be a different team. Instead, they could be on their way to a 3rd straight NBA Finals. 

Thank you, Phil, for letting us see what a person with HIS own vision can do.

When the season started the Warriors were giving a question mark next to their name. It wasn’t because of the Finals collapse against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Is it a question of ” can Kerr put his mark on this team”? Sounds simple but the Warriors were more like a playground team than one with structure.

Then it happened. Kevin Durant chose the Warriors and Kerr was forced to show his hand.

What Kerr has faced this season is unlike any coach in the modern-day has faced. Doc Rivers had three with the Boston Celtics. Eric Spolestra had three with the Miami Heat, hell, Jackson had two with the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers. But Kerr, he now had four. How could a coach with little coaching experience handle four All-Stars with such big egos? That was his issue going on and so far, he’s proven his worth.

While teams like the Clippers, Kings, and Cavs are facing questions about trade interest and pending free agency, things have been relatively quiet in the Bay Area. Thanks in large part to Kerr.

But how is that?

Many will tend to forget where Kerr came from. He’s the same man who has played for Jackson and Gregg Popovich. The same shooter that took assists from Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan. He understands the bigger picture and how to handle pressure. This is why the Warriors knew Durant’s presence would cause no issues.

Stephen Curry could average 30 points a game and the same could be said of Klay Thompson. Draymond Green could take 15 shots per game if he wanted but he has focused his energy more on the defensive side of the court. 

When Durant and Russell Westbrook had their little issue going this season it was Kerr that was willing to let them work it out on the court at the All-Star Game. The results?  Smiles and hi-fives from the Western Conference players. 

As the Warriors begin the second half of the season they need to look over at the mess the New York Knicks find themselves in and thank Kerr for being his own man.

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