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Green Bay Packers: The Last Man Standing, Brett Farve or Aaron Rodgers

For Green Bay Packers fans the debate will go on forever unless Aaron Rodgers changes things. As it stands now it’s 1-1, icon vs soon-to-be, Hall of Famer vs soon-to-be, but on the flip side it’s also letdown vs letdown.

For as great as Brett Favre was throughout his career in Green Bay he still only won one Super Bowl. The same for Rodgers. As stats goes, Rodgers is light years behind Favre, as love goes he is light years behind Favre but in Green Bay it’s “what have you done for me lately”.

To be honest, Rodgers has fallen on his face every year since that 2010 Playoff run and the same can be said for Favre after that 1996 run but what if you had to choose, who is the better of the worse?

I’m not saying that both QB’s are trash, I know better than that but for all the praise and stats they have accumulated over their careers one would think arguing winning percentages is a moot point.

The Packers loved Favre while he was in Green Bay for his reckless and risk taking style. They love Rodgers for his ability to dissect a defense with his precise passing but at the end of the season both QBs are left looking at another peer hoist the Lombardi Trophy while they continue to ask themselves “what happened”.

With Favre, he was always missing that “it” factor. Maybe it was the lack of receiver help, or that major production from the ground game that held the team back. Rodgers has had the better team over his career but opponents has just played more inspired football. The Packers under Favre made 11 playoff trips (6 straight) during his stint in Green Bay. Rodgers has led the Packers to 8 trips (7 straight) but there is still those 2 rings between the two.

The stats can’t be compared. If they were 2 seasons or so apart then we could try to distinguish between the two but Favre had one hell of a head start on Rodgers. Can Rodgers pass Favre in the Packers history books? That’s a tough one. If Rodgers can squeeze out another 8-9 healthy years then it’s possible.

But the true measure of the best QB in Packers history will always come down to Super Bowls. If Rodgers can somehow get another one under his belt he would easily surpass Favre as the fan favorite, but if you were to ask me, I would have to go with Favre.

He put his all on the line and wasn’t afraid to take chances which resulted in great plays but also a few bone-headed mistakes. Rodgers is a great QB, without a doubt but he needs that TEAM around him to be successful. If he’s forced to deal with 2nd or 3rd tier players you will see the results in his play.

Rodgers, this past season had his worst passing yards and completion percentage of his career due to the talent level around him. But his passing attempts were the most in his career, so the opportunities were there he just didn’t get the job done.

While some may blame the lack of receivers around him as the issue, you look at a player like Cam Newton who won MVP, that done it with players that should be on the practice squad let alone a team that went 15-1 and how can you not put the blame on Rodgers?

I have the utmost respect for Favre and Rodgers but their careers will always be linked together. If Rodgers cannot win another ring there is no way people can say he was better than Favre. Rodgers is labeled as the best QB in the NFL but when you constantly fail to lead your team in the post season as you have done in the regular season those labels mean nothing unless your playing Madden.

Favre or Rodgers, Rodgers or Favre. Right now it’s Favre.

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