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Grey’s Anatomy: 5 things to look forward to for Season 14

It’s safe to say that Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy didn’t go as expected for many fans. At first glance, there was to be a major focus on Alex and Jo’s story but they somehow got lost in the shuffle. Dr. Webber and Minnick got into a classic battle for control over the Residents and Meredith started a new relationship with Riggs. However, there were many stories left hanging at the end of the season that will have to be addressed in Season 14.

Here are 5 things to look forward to for Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Alex Karev and Jo

Season 12 ended with these two and Season 13 started off with their storyline being the main focus. However, somewhere in the middle of new romances and mental breakdowns, the writers forgot about them. Jo forgave Alex for attacking DeLuca and they sealed it with a kiss but after that, they became an afterthought in the grand scheme of things. Once Alex found out the truth bout Jo’s past he did what only Alex can do. He went and tracked down her husband only to let him leave without Alex getting a word in. As we enter Season 14, the writers must focus on one of the best relationships on the show and be consistent with their story. Are they together or not? Will the husband find Jo?

Will we see Stephanie Edwards again?

It was brewing all season but until the news actually broke that Jerrika Hinton was leaving the show, we thought it was just another mental breakdown at least one character goes through on Grey’s Anatomy. Edwards was on her way to being labeled the new Christina Yang but the ups and downs of patients deaths and her lack of a personal life drove her to want to try something different. Will she be back is the question on many minds?

Meredith and Riggs

With the news that Owen’s sister is alive, that not only plays into the dynamic of Owen’s mental condition but the heart and emotions of Riggs as well. Before she vanished, she had Nathan were in a relationship. Fearing that she was dead, Riggs moved on which ultimately led him to a relationship with Meredith. If Megan is indeed alive what does that mean for Riggs nd Meredith? It took the entire season for Meredith to wise up and give this man a chance but to have it stripped from her in a matter of seconds will destroy her.

Arizona and Minnick

Season 13 was not just about Meredith and Alex. There was a new romance on the horizon between Arizona and Dr. Minnick. At first, they decided to hide it as Minnick was set to make Dr. Webber look incompetent. With Arizona siding with Webber, they had to keep their affair hidden. Once out in the open, it all came crashing down just as fast as Miranda Bailey finally stood up for Webber after Minnick made a terrible error regarding Edwards and her safety. Minnick believed that the job came before compassion and she was fired. But where does that leave her and Arizona heading into Season 14?


The surprise at the end of Season 13 was the possible connection between Jackson and Maggie. Maybe this is why the writers never focused on their story much the past season was because they were setting us up for Jackson and Maggie. Jackson has not shown any interest towards Maggie but you could see it on her face that she has feelings for Jackson. April caught it as they stood outside the hospital after the explosion and told Maggie to go for it. Is April really okay with this or was she just trying to be nice as she was caught up in the moment? The bigger question is– how does Jackson fell about it?

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