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Grey’s Anatomy: Did lack of romance turn Stephanie Edwards into the next Yang?

The saying is that you should never date anyone that you work with. Well, for the characters on Grey’s Anatomy that rule doesn’t apply. If they aren’t saving lives they are locked in a room, in the backseat of a car or a bedroom doing what adults do. Over the years we have seen some great relationships blossom like Meredith/Derek, Callie/Arizona, Bailey/Ben and Jackson/Arizona.

As the show has moved on and new interns have become residents that mean we were privileged to watch the process all over again, It seems that the new faces have found someone for a relationship or at least a night but one.

Why has it been so hard for Stephanie Edwards to find love?

I admit it broke my heart to find out that Jerrika Hinton is leaving the show after this season which got me to thinking– why? Her character Edwards is rising up the ranks so why the sudden change of heart? Look around and comb through the episodes. She’s the only one without a social or love life. Not saying this is the MAIN reason for her departure but it could have played a role.

Let’s take Hinton out the equation here for a minute and talk Edwards.

She’s not returning in a major role in season 14 which means that she can pop in and out at any given time. So where is she going? Will she get another job offer somewhere or will the writers have her in the last remaining episodes meet a man and travel off with him? As much as I love Jackson and April, he and Edwards were good together.

However, the better she got, the more she has resembled Yang and her approach to her craft. Edwards has friends, much like Yang did but her personal life has taken a back seat to the hospital. At least Yang found time for a relationship. Edward’s breaking point came in ‘Til I Hear It From You‘ after she lost one of her patients. At that moment she was just talking aloud when she kept asking “why are we doing this”?

Yang, despite her coldness at times, was never alone. She had Meredith, Karev, and Izzie whereas Edwards has seemed to isolate herself in her own little world. There is Jo but even they have hit a slight rough patch in their friendship. What Edwards needed was a relationship to help take her mind off the hospital. Everyone else gets a mental break and a lack of one may be the reason why Edwards is leaving. She has had relationships but the writers never gave them any real-time to develop into anything solid as they did with other characters.

Edwards is spunky, beautiful, knows her way around the ER but she has developed a coldness that Yang use to have. It’s not that she’s an evil person but her desire to achieve has built a wall blocking out everything else in life. I will hate to see her depart and it could be different if only– Edwards were given a love life.


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