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Grey’s Anatomy: Could fallout from Civil War lead to Grey’s spinoff?

As Grey’s Anatomy gets set to head into the stretch run of their 13th season, it’s been rumored that an important cast member will be leaving the show. This is nothing new as countless actors have come and gone over the years but as I watched Civil War Thursday night it was the only the second time I had thoughts of a spinoff.

The fist time I had it was when Sandra Oh’s character, Christiana Yang left for Zurich with intern Shane Moss. I thought ABC would offer Yang her own show. I was wrong. Thursday was the second time I had this feeling and it may prove to be true if the current events continue to play out as they should. Civil War was about the hospital being at war. Everyone has chosen a side or soon will and Thursday’s episode opened the door to a few new possibilities.

When Katherine Avery mentioned to April that she wanted her to see the Avery Hospital in Chicago I was a bit perplexed. Now, maybe I’m wrong and it may have just flew over my head but I didn’t know that the Avery’s owned another hospital. Then to find out later on at the end of the episode that there is one in Montana as well, it sent my thought process through the roof. Katherine said to April ” I want them to see how YOU run things”. That statement led me to believe that we may be seeing the end of April’s run at Grey Sloan soon.

Before everyone gets bent out of shape about April leaving Jackson again let’s not forget what the Avery’s stands for. Katherine may have her sinister ways but she’s still about family. In the beginning, she wasn’t too pleased with Jackson and April’s relationship, but now she has come to accept and even love it. In her eyes, she may think it’s time for a change and could be pushing April towards a bigger career change. If that happens it will force Jackson to make an important decision about his life. Over the last two seasons we have grown to cling to the hope that Jackson and April will make it but with Dr. Minnick and Bailey pushing their new teaching agenda, it’s putting a wedge between our favorite couple chances despite them being parents and roommates.

Something has to give.

After Civil War, it seems that Jackson may be the only one standing in the way of Minnick now. He seems to be on an island and with his mother offering a challenge to step up in the Avery name and to be happy with himself he could be looking for a change as well. It’s still clear that he and April have feelings for one anther so, Jackson would not let her go off to Chicago with Harriet alone. 

Fooled me once with Yang but you will not get me again with Jackson and April. Civil War was just the beginning of what could be an awesome spinoff in Chicago or another Avery Hospital.



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