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Grey’s Anatomy: Too many storylines to cover, and we’re running out of time

The best part of Grey’s Anatomy is the cast of characters in which we get attached to. However, in terms of writing it can also be a Gift and a Curse. When Season 13 began, it seemed that the main storyline would be Karev and Jo’s relationship. How will Karev handle what was coming his way and will Jo be able to forgive him? But, that took all of one episode and now here we are 21 in and they haven’t had much screen time together.

After Karev’s story, there was also the possibility of Meredith finding love or just a sexual encounter with Riggs. While this story has seen the most time, it also may be the most boring. I love Meredith and all but there are better subjects out there that should be touched upon. Where are April and Jackson? They have butted heads for the past 2 years and yet, we haven’t gotten a glimpse of what will become of them. Will they stay together or break apart again? After their encounter in Montana, I figured we would finally get some closure but since then– nothing.

The Miranda/Webber/Catherine/Minnick took top billing along with Meredith’s love life but even that has taken a back seat to a girl with worms and a very unnecessary trapped on a plane episode. The writing has been superb so far this season but we’re still left in the dark with less than a handful of episodes. I get it, you have to string them out and leave the season off with a cliffhanger but let’s get serious here.

As much as I love Grey’s Anatomy it saddens me then we may be put in a box and watch as every one of these storylines quickly flashes before our eyes in the final episodes.

Stephanie Edwards is leaving but we haven’t seen any clues as to why and how. Will it hit her in the final 15 minutes of the season finale that she doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore and she walks out the door? What about DeLuca professing his love for Jo, but hasn’t made a move yet. Webber and Catherine have made up and Bailey and Webber are on better terms now. However, there is still the issue of the teaching program and how can we forget the relationship of Minnick and Arizona?

And there is something supposedly going on with Miranda’s husband Ben in terms of him possibly making a career change. What was up with the weird embrace between Amelia and Owen in the elevator? Like where is all this coming from and how will Grey’s Anatomy have time to address all this before we fade to black on Season 13?


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