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Grey’s Anatomy: Is Meredith scared because Riggs reminds her of Derek?

Since Derek died Meredith has been about work, kids, kids and work, until recently. When she least expected it, a man entered her life and made her feel young again. How young? Young enough to have sex in the back seat of a car. X-rated jokes aside, Meredith needed this in the worst way.

It’s clear that she has feelings for Riggs but Meredith being Meredith, she has to make the simplest things difficult. At first, I figured she was hiding it from the other Doctors for fear that everyone would think it’s too soon. But, here’s the thing Mer, they want you to move on. Meredith has always had a hard exterior but since Derek passed, she has become a woman in a daze. Meredith needs a man.

And Riggs is just the guy.

Not sure if this was the route the studio wanted to go in but look at Riggs. Doesn’t he remind you of Derek? It’s not about the structure of the face but the essence of the man. The way he walks like he owns the Hospital. The way he talks in a smooth way that gives orders but comes off as asking. The scruffy hair and the ability to be as cocky as ever when in the ER. He’s not Derek but he’s the next best thing. And if we see it, then Meredith has to see it all well.

Maybe that’s the reason why she won’t fully give in. Wait, not so fast. There’s more.

There is another similarity between Riggs and Derek that may stand in the way of Meredith giving in. Have you noticed the whole Meredith/Riggs/Hunt/Amelia situation? Doesn’t it remind you of the Meredith/Christiana/Hunt/Derek connection?

Sounds strange but it’s a weird connection there. Meredith was with Derek who was friends with Hunt who was married to Meredith’s best friend, Christiana. Now, we have Meredith who is sorta in a relationship with Riggs who is friends with Hunt and is married to Meredith’s sister-in-law, Amelia. Told you it was weird.

But, there is also the fact that Meredith’s other sister, Maggie has a thing for Riggs and Meredith has not told her that she’s in a semi-relationship with him yet. Poor Meredith.

Riggs has laid his cards on the table for Meredith. Will she accept or will she find another excuse? It has to be hard for her, losing her husband then finding a connection with someone else. I admit I didn’t want to see her with another man. Derek was her soul mate and I figured it was best if she was left alone but I love the connection they share.

I just hope Meredith does before it’s too late.


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