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Grey’s Anatomy: It was Jackson all along holding their relationship hostage

We finally got it. It took more than half the season but our questions were answered in Who Is He (And What Is He To You)? Since season 13 started we wondered if Jackson and April would come to their senses and get their marriage or whatever kind of love they had back on track. We watched them become roommates, barely speak in the hospital and when they did, they often fought. However, we still rooted for them. After Derek and Meredith, they are clearly the favorites to make it.

But, you know the old saying “anything that’s worth having is worth fighting for”. The writers of Grey’s Anatomy played on our emotions for 15 episodes before delivering their big blow.

And to think, we have nobody but Katherine Avery to think for this. Katherine all but set us up in Civil War when she told Jackson that he needed to be happy with himself. There was no big lead up to the meeting the father moment in Montana but as much as we wanted to see Jackson and April whole, Jackson had to release his inner anger first.

April thought that Jackson was trying to one up her with his decision to go to Montana after Katherine asked Kepner to accompany her to Chicago to visit another Avery Memorial Hospital. At first, I thought the same but I’m so glad I was wrong. The reason all along was to confront his father as to why he left the family but Jackson, thanks to April had to tell him that he was better off without him.

Once Jackson released that self-doubt, he was able to smile again and hopefully he noticed that it’s not Kepner that’s been holding them back but Jackson himself. His Mom and coincidently his Dad had to be the ones to see the pain in his face. April always figured it was something missing but now that she experienced that moment of release with him, it may have repaired their bondWhen April left, Jackson was angry. When she came back he was angry. When April went on a date he was angry and when the date crashed he still was mad. He wants his family together but his pride won’t let him admit it.

Jackon’s intentions were always good but his execution needed some work. So, his mom stepped in and gave her son what he needed the most, closure. Once Jackson was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel he realized that April was there waiting the entire time.

But, was this just a moment of weakness or the beginning of something special?


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