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Grey’s Anatomy: Power has turned Kepner into a stone cold B@#ch

There comes a time in a show where the writers decide to turn the fans against one of their favorite characters. Grey’s Anatomy just did it to April Kepner again. Last season it was her leaving Jackson after their baby died and last week it happened again as she began to get a little too comfortable in Merideth’s position during the suspension.

In It Only Gets Much Worse, Miranda told Kepner she trust her decisions and Kepner took those words and ran with them. Now, for all of us that have cheered for her when she failed her exam, slept with Jackson, ran away with Jackson to get married then had a child with him, we wanted her to succeed. However, the tables were turned on us for only a split second as the writers caught wind of our disapproval and brought her back to the quirky fun-loving redhead we love.

That was until Eliza Minnick came to Grey Sloan Memorial.

Kepner has always had a hard time being accepted as a doctor with a powerful voice but now, she’s a leader and it’s gotten worse. She’s looked upon as a traitor who switched sides when Miranda offered her Grey’s position. The other Doctors have placed her on timeout but she doesn’t seem to care. At first, she was a little down but when April started to throw her weight around, that’s then when I realized that this will not end well for her.

For now, Kepner has found two allies in Miranda and her mother-in-law Catherine. While this may bode well for her confidence, it will ultimately destroy her relationship with everyone else in the hospital, including Jackson. Kepner has not had power long enough like Miranda or Dr. Webber to know when to go strong and when to dial it back. Kepner is going full steam ahead and as much as she likes to think that Catherine and Miranda have her back, it will hit her like a ton of bricks when she realizes that’s she’s nothing more than the scapegoat.

I love Kepner. It’s something about her voice and her innocence that attracted me to her. However, what I don’t like is the way they have tried to turn her into the hospital’s villain. It’s like, you tried it once and it didn’t work so why do it again?

We can see the downfall coming when Merideth returns. Kepner will fall hard and fast and will be on the lookout for someone to catch her. And we know who that one person will be. But, April as a b@#ch is not working. The writers must change the direction of her character before she loses her fans. 


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