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Grey’s Anatomy season 13 premiere live stream: Watch online

Well, we’ve finally made it to the season 13 première of Grey’s Anatomy. Last season was gut wrenching as we watched Meredith deal with the loss of her husband and fellow surgeon, Derek.

Grey Sloan as a whole, while dealing with the tragedy still ran rather smoothly, well as smoothly as a hospital can be run considering the daily drama that unfolds.

As we left the doctors in season 12,  we were left with many questions heading into tonight’s episode. Meredith, finally realizing that life goes on tried to make the best of a bad situation with her sister-in-law? Amelia. It seemed the more they argued, the more we thought we were headed towards a classic, Shepherd fight. But Maggie, being the peacemaker, tried her best to keep her sister’s from tearing each other apart. But in the end, she may have caused a bigger issue between her and Meredith.

Bailey now being the Chief must live with the fact that she has to make the tough decisions, even if that means putting her marriage at risk. As for Callie and Arizona, what seemed like an amicable split turned ugly as a custody battle reared its ugly head with Callie moving to New York to be with her current girlfriend, Penny. Never a dull moment for these life savers.

What will happen to Karev as he is sure to get disciplinary repercussions for attacking fellow doctor DeLuca for what happened between he and Joe?

All that and we haven’t touched on the best storyline from season 12. What will become of the strained relationship between April and Jackson? With April giving birth will they come to their senses and become the family they were supposed to be before the miscarriage?

And to think, this is just the first episode.  Here is where you can watch the season premiere live.

Date: Thursday, September 22
Start Time: 8:00 p.m (ET)
Episode Title: Undo
Live Stream: Stream 1

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