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Grey’s Anatomy: Season 13 had promise but disappointed fast

As a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, I was overly anxious for Season 13. The storylines were set up just right for what was sure to be one of their best yet. Meredith was finally ready to move on after Derek’s death. Karev was looking at possible jail time for protecting Jo, Webber was in a tough battle for the hospital with Dr. Minnick and that was just the tip of the iceberg. However, as quick as the drama started it sort of faded out with little noise.

Some story arcs made sense and were dealt with accordingly but the main ones like Jackson and April, Karev and Jo or that strong connection we used to get from certain patients just lacked proper attention.

This season was spent more on Meredith’s connection with Riggs and Owen’s and Amelia’s relationship that the writers forgot about everyone else. With the season ending episode set to air this coming Thursday will there be enough time to tie up loose ends? With Stephanie Edwards’s leaving the show, many figured it would be due to her erratic behavior and her taking time off but that was not the case. Edwards lied her way through counseling and was right back at work. However, her exit from Grey’s Anatomy may turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes in the show’s brilliant run.

With a crazed man on the loose, Edwards was taken hostage with a scalpel. What made this so unbelievable was the fact that the man is severely injured and Edwards could have easily escaped his clutches. She’s no superhero or MMA fighter but she would’ve easily got the drop on him by a pushing off or just warning Dr. Warren. Instead, she may have lost her life due to an explosion that made no sense at all. Edwards ran to the man as his body (which was on fire) just happened to fall in front of flammable gas tanks. Why did she leave the room when it was clear she had no time of pulling him away?

Karev went to see Jo’s husband only to let him get away without doing one of his Karev save the moment acts. Like why go through the whole season with us wanting to know who the mystery man is and what kind of threat he poses only to have that segment end with such a whimper? Then there’s the storyline concerning Owen’s sister. Why, after all these years did they bring her back up?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that she’s alive but what affect will this have on the last episode?

It’s been years and she was held captive but with her rescue– will she be coming to Seattle to be a doctor to replace Edwards? If she does this will put a dent in the Meredith and Riggs relationship but why mess up such a good story with a character who’s been mentioned only a handful of times? Why not just bring back Izzie Stevens of Christiana Yang instead?

As great as Season 13 was shaping up to be, the writers of Grey’s Anatomy dropped the ball. For once I can say that there may have been too many characters or certain plots were giving entirely too much attention. What’s going to suck is in order for everything to be tied up they will have to rush through every story arc and try to appease the audience. It’s almost impossible.

I love the show and will continue to be a big supporter but it’s clear they screwed up big time. Luckily for Grey’s, they’re veterans and will bounce back for Season 14.

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