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Grey’s Anatomy: Who’s in the wrong, Amelia or Owen?

If it’s one thing Grey’s Anatomy is known for, it’s drama. Nevermind what goes on in the ER or waiting room, all you have to do is look towards the doctors and you’re guaranteed to take sides with someone. This past week we were forced to side with either Amelia or Owen. Their battle for power in their marriage continues and with the way things were left and unsaid, this will linger on for a while.

As much as you hate to see this play out because all their fight is, is one BIG misunderstanding and lack of communication. I love Amelia and Owen together but after having a first-row seat to their issues, I’m torn.

Normally, we will have a right and a wrong like we did when April walked out and left Jackson or why he’s been giving her the cold shoulder. Or, why Karev beat up DeLuca, however, this Amelia and Owen drama goes much deeper than the other character’s problems. They were married fast and didn’t have the proper time to get to know one another. Pillow talk would’ve resolved a huge chunk of their issues but this baby beef they have has gone on for too long.

Owen wants a family, a wife, and kids while Amelia doesn’t. That’s fair but I think the writers are dragging this out too long. There was a pregnancy scare and Amelia was relieved when it come out negative. Owen took offense to that and right at that moment is when Amelia should’ve told the truth about why she didn’t want a baby. She’s not in the wrong for feeling the way she does but instead of talking it out, she ran away.

Owen is a control freak, always has been. He was like that with Christina and he’s the same with Amelia. However, I do think that he has more solid ground to stand on. It didn’t seem that way until Amelia threw Christina’s name in his face in ‘Till I hear It From You’. If Amelia knew so much about their relationship then she had to know what the demise was all about. Owen wanted a family and Christina didn’t.

I understand their fight but as I’m writing this it just occurred to me who’s side I’m on.

Amelia is in the wrong here. All she had to do was explain what happened in her past and Owen would’ve understood. His baby jones would still be strong but he would’ve understood. When Amelia left he got upset. He looked for his wife, begged her to come home and work this out and all Amelia has to say is that Owen is smothering her. She’s his wife, should he not want her back? Is he supposed to be happy with her living somewhere else and not wanting to work with him?

How is that for better or worse?



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