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Grey’s Anatomy: Will Richard forgive Arizona?

In a hospital filled with drama and tough choices that must be made we can now add another to that growing list. Thanks do Dr. Minnick and her new method of teaching that has caused a divide within Grey’s Anatomy. The main character taking a hit is Richard Webber. Minnick is out to prove that his tactics are a bit outdated and just when Webber and his colleagues were making strides, another issue has occurred.

In Civil War, we saw Meredith come back in what many has seen as her caving to Miranda and Minnick. Jackson is trying his best to hold down the fort, however, it will be the action of Arizona that has the potential to be the final blow.

At the end of Civil War Richard walked in on Arizona and Eliza sharing a private moment. Throughout the whole Webber vs Minnick battle, Richard figured he had at least Arizona in his corner due to their professional and personal relationship. Remember, at one point they were besties hitting the bars together as Webber became Arizona’s wing man after her split with Callie.

Richard has confided in Arizona the amount of disrespect that Minnick has shown him and even has gone as far as expressing his dislike towards her. Richard understands Bailey’s reason as she has her hands tied but to see his wife and friend betray him may be a bit too much.

However, the good part about Richard is his heart. He will be furious with Arizona and there may be some sort of falling out between the two but he will eventually forgive her. It will take a few episodes for it all to sink in as every woman besides Merideth has left his side. However, how will this affect Arizona and Eliza’s relationship?

Was this Minnick’s plan all along?

Did she notice the bond Webber and Arizona had and tried to force her way in between them? If so, what will Arizona do if she finds out? The damage is done and now Arizona must make a hard choice. Does she follow her heart and side with Webber or follow her hormones and side with Minnick?

Arizona’s weakness has always been women. She sees a hot one and the rest of the world fails to exist. But, will her desire to be loved be the reason she destroys her friendship with Richard? The next few episodes will be great.

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Mark Wilson
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10 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy: Will Richard forgive Arizona?

  1. “She sees a hot one and the rest of the world fails to exist” – excuse me, but what kind of crap is this?! And if she “sides” with Minnick, she’s still following her heart! It’s quite obvious that this isn’t just some random hookup, but possibly the start of a relationship. Those 2 things mentioned here, is just as childish as the docs at Grey’s have been behaving lately. Yikes!

    1. I love Arizona and would love to see her happy but the loyalty to Webber is important as well. She has an important decision to make. Could be the start of a great relationship but Arizona is also known to be a tad reckless when it comes to love. If that’s the case then there should be no reason to sneak around.

      1. She’s reckless?! Have we been watching the same show? When has she been reckless? How do you think Webber would have reacted if Arizona HAD told him? He would have been just as hurt. She was trying to protect him at this stage, why risk losing a friendship if you don’t know yet where things are going with a potential relationship? I would have done exactly the same as Arizona. The fact that she didn’t tell him at this stage, does noe mean that she doesn’t support him. You have to separate work and private life.

        1. I agree with you on the separation between work and personal. When Webber was her wingman, Arizona was having one night stands on the regular and she slept with an intern (which is the norm in the hospital). However, she needs love just like everyone else. Arizona made a mistake by hiding her feelings for Eliza. I hope everything can be worked out in the long run.

          1. You’re wrong, she wasn’t having one night stands on the regular! She told Webber about having slept with ONE woman! She was only dating the others, which is a normal thing to do. Besides, you won’t find many characters on Grey’s who hasn’t slept with lots of people. Yes, she slept with an intern. AND?! That was her coping mechanism after being kicked out by her wife. Why single out Arizona as reckless?! Callie has slept with 6 people at the hospital. She even went back and forth between Mark’s bed and Erica’s bed in the same day. Karev has slept with at least 10 people at the hospital. Webber was drinking at work. But ARIZONA is reckless, right? You might like Arizona, but you definitely don’t understand her.

    2. Not to mention this “However, how will this affect Arizona and Eliza’s relationship?
      Was this Minnick’s plan all along?
      Did she notice the bond Webber and Arizona had and tried to force her way in between them? If so, what will Arizona do if she finds out?”. This is totally ridiculous!

        1. Well, I’m team behave like grown ups, which most of the docs at Grey’s are not doing now. And if you’re team Webber, you’re not very objective, are you? I was under the impression that writers of artilcles has to be objective, but I guess I was wrong.

          1. I love these healthy debates. I’m a writer but also a fan of the show just as you are. I love the passion that you’re showing. Thanks, Ellen.

  2. I’m passionate yes, haha. It’s just that, as an Arizona fan, I’m tired of seeing her being labeled for things that most of the docs at Grey’s are guilty of, but they don’t receive even close to the same amount of crap as Arizona does. So it’s easy to get carried away sometimes 🙂

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